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(Photo Courtesy of Arroz)

The top 6 restaurants for large groups

It’s happened to all of us... Suddenly we find ourselves planning a dinner with a group of 8-12 friends. You want a spot that has great food and can accommodate a variety of dining preferences, but won’t result in a horrifying bill. This is the list you need for those times when you just want to have a good dinner with a lot of friends.


Arroz is a great looking space, centrally located downtown, and serves up delicious food. While I wouldn’t say it’s cheap, it definitely makes for an affordable and top notch dining experience. The food here is Spanish-Moroccan. Expect meat and cheese boards and a variety of appetizer plates that can be shared. But the highlight is the large bomba rice platters that are the best thing to have happened to group dining.


This family style Italian restaurant has incredibly large portions that are perfect for larger groups, but even with a large group you should bring a healthy appetite. That being said, you will probably still be shocked at the sizes of pastas, lasagnas, and sides here. Everyone will be able to find something to eat, making it easy for a group get together.

The Smith

For a fun, affordable dinner with a group where the dining tastes range from the basic to the fancy, try The Smith. Their extensive menu includes everything from salads and snacks, to pastas, steak and seafood. It’s the kind of spot that really does work for a variety of groups, with something to please everyone.

Ottoman Taverna

If your group of friends is a bit more adventurous than Italian or American, try Ottoman Taverna. It’s a Turkish restaurant in the Mount Vernon triangle area where you can get a slew of dips and spreads, kabobs and rice platters, and a variety of Turkish flatbreads. All perfect for sharing.

Asian Origin

If you find yourself looking for a spot in the Tysons Corner area, head straight to Asian Origin. This is one of those places that’s actually better with a group – Chinese family style dining lends itself to it. Get some dumplings, mapo tofu, fish in chili oil, and anything that sounds good because the menu is solid all across the board. If your group is looking for General Tso’s chicken you won’t find it here, but what you will find is legit Chinese food that’s downright delicious.


What’s better than a casual night out with friends digging into some of the best pizza and pasta? Pairing that with a number of cocktails or bottles of wine. Walk out stuffed and happy at Urbana and thank us later.