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Snowing in Space Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (Photo courtesy: Snowing in Space)<p></p>

This coffee company is bringing snow to the District

Sometimes a fun headline, catchy jingle, or brand name is all it takes to catch your attention and make you wonder, "hmm, what's that?" or "maybe I should give that a try!" That was my first thought when I saw the brand name Snowing in Space. I googled the company and started my research. Snowing in Space is a nitro cold brew coffee company headquartered in Charlottesville, Va. that sources all of its coffee beans from local roasters. They get their name from an obscure line in the movie Groundhog Day (we'll explain this more later). The company is now making waves in the D.C. market by making their kegerators available to D.C. and Northern Va. businesses.

We caught up with Paul Dierkes, one of the founders of Snowing in Space, to find out a little bit more about the company and the influence they hope to have on Washingtonians.

"If you've seen any of our products or marketing, you will have seen that it's very different from most coffee companies, and that's because we're not from a traditional coffee background," said Dierkes.

In fact, their roots are more based in craft beer and the company tries to infuse a lot of the things they love about craft beer into the coffee they make. Interesting, right?! Coffee + beer = two of the District's favorite things.

Dierkes says the company is focused on fun, collaboration, community, innovation and brewing delicious high quality nitro cold brew coffee.

"Our branding and marketing, including our fun product names, are designed to communicate our commitment to fun and providing a unique coffee experience," added Dierkes. "Our flagship coffee shop in Charlottesville is also unique. All of the coffee in our shop, like all of the coffee we distribute, is cold brew based even our hot espresso and hot drip coffee."

The company is definitely unique, starting with the name Snowing in Space.

"When we were coming up with a name, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a traditional coffee style name; we wanted it to be a little weird and we wanted it to communicate what we’re all about," explained Dierkes. "I’m a huge Groundhog Day fan. I’ve probably seen it a couple thousand times by now. Our co-founder Joel is a huge Groundhog Day fan as well and suggested the line. It’s great because it also works for coffee! As the nitrogen bubbles cascade through the dark coffee it almost looks like snow in space."

At all times, Snowing in Space has at least eight different nitro cold brews on tap, featuring beans from a variety of local roasters like Swing’s, Mischa’s, Grace Street, Shenandoah Joe’s, Trager Bros., Mudhouse, Red Rooster, Lamplighter, Black Hand, Iron Clad and Sugar Shack.

"We did not start out as a roaster and we don’t have an exclusive relationship with any one roaster," said Dierkes. "This has allowed us to take a collaborative approach to creating our cold brews, which is to partner with a variety of roasters around Virginia and D.C. to source the beans we use in our brews."

This allows Snowing in Space to showcase a wide variety of roasting styles and flavor profiles, without adding cream, sugar, or other additives to the coffee.

As the company expands to the D.C. market, they have partnered up with some major businesses like Capital One Arena and DC Fray, with other fun collaborations to be announced soon. They also have can, keg and bottle distribution at places like Ocelot Brewing and Lost Dog Cafe. To keep up with where Snowing in Space is available in D.C. and Virginia, click here. But Dierkes says the best way to get their coffee is to just ask for it!

"If you work in an office that values company culture and happy, productive employees, or you frequent establishments or events that appreciate or need a tasty, creamy, smooth caffeinated beverage option, let them know that you want them to check out Snowing in Space!"

Dierkes says there are no immediate plans to open a storefront in D.C., but also adds that nothing is off the table.

"Right now we’re focused on all of the opportunities and challenges that go along with opening a new market," said Dierkes. "Especially when you are self-distributed like we are, for now, every day is an adventure."