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Chorizo Egg Bowl (Image courtesy of Mighty Meals, photo by Salvatore Sabella)

This meal delivery service will keep you beach-ready all summer

Summer means BBQ, fruity drinks al fresco, ice cream and a lot of other unhealthy choices. However, Mighty Meals, a meal delivery service based out of northern Virginia, is trying to keep the masses healthy with their humanely-sourced meals, designed by two fitness trainers and a chef.

Dan Graziano met Alex Lebonitte when they were working as personal trainers at the same gym where chef Stefano Marzano was working out. The three of them launched Mighty Meals last year and since then, business has been steadily growing. Customers can order a la carte, pre-cooked meals, which they can then pick up in northern Virginia or D.C., but don’t let the delicious-looking menu fool you - every meal is portioned correctly and has the right balance of protein and macros.

Stefano comes from a line of restaurateurs, so he puts together the menu every week, but everything is approved by Alex and Dan, who also have a background in nutrition.

Dan, who personally favors their farm-to-table bison and grass-fed beef lasagna, says part of Mighty Meals’ nutritional philosophy is that they try to source their food responsibly and seek out local producers. “You should know what’s going into your food,” Dan explained. “Like with the grass-fed beef, it has more nutrients and healthier fats.”

The focus on local produce and farm-to-table options is what makes Mighty Meals different, Dan said. They also tailor their menu items to fit what’s in season, so the food you receive is always fresh.

Whether you’re bulking, cutting or trying out a new diet, Mighty Meals probably has a solution - they offer vegetarian, paleo and pescatarian options. For the truly busy, they also have an option to order protein in bulk. Since the food comes already cooked, there’s less of a reason to reach for the takeout menu. “There’s no cooking or cleaning,” Dan said. “You’re taking meal prep time from 45 minutes to two.”

“There’s no excuse not to eat healthy,” Dan said. “It's fun food that people wouldn’t necessarily make at home.”