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Diners can compliment the new summer bowls with a refreshing Watermelon Cilantro Fresca. (Image: Courtesy sweetgreen)

Want to win free sweetgreen for a year?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a biiiiig salad for lunch fiend. And as much as I wish I could say I dutifully pack a refreshing, nutritious and instagrammable salad every day, I don't. Instead I'm hitting up Chopt (or more recently sweetgreen, thanks to the new Rosslyn location!), waiting in line for 15 minutes and shelling out $10-$13 for lunch everyday. Guys, that adds up! If I buy three $10 salads each week, that means I'm spending $1,440 on salad annually. Do you know how many pairs of shoes I could buy with $1,440??

Lucky for me -- and all of us -- sweetgreen wants to give us a chance to win a free salad every week for an entire year. As a part of their 10th birthday celebrations, 10 lucky customers in the DMV will win sweetgreen for a year. From September 5-15, anyone who orders online (on the sweetgreen app or at will be entered for a chance to win. And the more you order, the better your chances are of winning. Winners will be notified on September 19 by email. This offer is exclusive to DMV customers, as we were the OG sweetgreen location after all.

So happy ordering my rabbit-y friends, and may the free salad odds be ever in my your favor!