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Chef-owner Cedric Maupillier plays with French and American culinary traditions at his Shaw restaurant, so it should be no surprise that he offers his take on the quintessential American pairing of grilled cheese and tomato soup ($16). French-style white bread is filled with American and cheddar cheeses and served with the soup during lunch and brunch. (Image: Scott Suchman)

16 super-satisfying ways to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day

We know, we know. Celebrating a national food day feels about as authentic as Justin Bieber's recent pregnancy prank. (April Fool's!) But April 12 is an opportunity to fill your bellies with grilled cheese, people, and we're not willing to look this delicious gift horse in the mouth. If you're not inspired to run out and order one yet, here's a slideshow featuring a ridiculous number of gooey, melty versions of the ubiquitous American classic found around the DMV. Warning: This will definitely make you hungry.