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All Set (Photo: Heather Freeman PR)

8 of D.C.'s meltiest sandwiches for National Grilled Cheese Day

In light of National Grilled Cheese Day, we’ve put together a list of the best places to celebrate. Of course, not all grilled cheese is created equal, but whether you want to channel your inner child and go with a classic, or dress it up with fancy carbs and fancier cheeses, you need to read on!

Eno Wine Bar

Personally, I love the classic version here, where the sandwich features three locally sourced sharp cheddar cheeses grilled between two slices of freshly baked bread. It’s served with a green salad on the side, so you can feel better about yourself while downing one of their lovely wine flights. If you want to fancy it up, go for the brand new Smoked Caprese Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich available just for the month of April, featuring rich smoked mozzarella, aromatic basil, sweet tomatoes and local Virginia ham.

Little Red Fox

Flying under the radar of everyone not living close by, this cute Connecticut Ave market and store features a grilled cheese with Tillamook cheddar, apple butter, and optional bacon (why not?) on brioche. Besides their excellent sandwich, their cappuccinos are fantastic, and the cozy welcoming atmosphere will make you never want to leave.

Station 4

Just in time for Nats season, the delicious Short Rib grilled cheese at this southwest D.C. spot comes packed with short rib, onion marmalade, goat cheese, and is served on multigrain bread. That’s decadent enough, but the side of duck fat fries takes the whole meal to the next level! It’s only available on their lunch menu, but this just means you need to get there for lunch!

Room 11

If elegant simplicity is what you seek, look no further than Room 11’s classic grilled cheese. Melty mozzarella and sharp cheddar ooze from the sandwich, which is served with a house made spicy marinara sauce and a side salad.

Garden District

There is no better way to soak up all that beer that you will be drinking here, than with their simple and delicious no fuss grilled cheese, best enjoyed with a side of fried pickles! Outdoor eating and drinking at its best.

The Pig

It’s only available on the brunch menu, so is perfect for those mornings when you had a little too much fun the night before and need a hearty, cheesy, bacon-y, carb fix to get you through. Thank me after eating the bacon and tomato grilled cheese, served on jalapeno-cheddar bread.

Pursuit Wine Bar

My love for wine and cheese runs deep, so this is another favorite. They have a number of different “grilled cheese” options, but in all fairness these sandwiches are way more than you basic bread and cheese combination, which makes their creations super fun to eat. Take the chicken bacon ranch, which packs in pepper jack, ranch, grilled chicken, bacon, and tomato on sourdough, or the “Little Salty Sweet”, which is a delectable mix of brie, honey, prosciutto and dried dates on challah. You can’t go wrong here, so don’t stress too much about the choice!

Glen’s Garden Market

Comfort at its best, the sandwich at this local market in Dupont and Shaw both offer a quality cheese stuffed sandwich with cheddar and swiss on perfectly toasted sourdough. Combined with a glass of $4 local beer, your stomach and your wallet will both be happy.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, it’s a start to highlighting some of the excellent grilled cheese we have around. Other honorable mentions include the rotating selection of sandwiches at Righteous Cheese in Union Market, the truffle grilled cheese at Coco Sala (brunch only), the Vermont cheddar and feta mayo version at All Set, and of course, the grilled cheese centric GCDC where you can choose to be a total daredevil with your combinations, or stick with the tried and tested.