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'Carolina' Paisley Print Overalls (O'Neill) - $69.50 at Nordstrom (Image courtesy of

5 Times it's OK to Wear Overalls

Overalls. We have such an on-and-off relationship with them. Are they too trendy or a long lost friend? I've seen it, you've seen it - these staples from our childhood are making a comeback.

And it's important to note they aren't the TLC, one strap down, baggy overalls from the past. They've been reinvented. But even though designers are changing it up and pushing to bring them back - it's a really hard look to rock. Here's are the times you can get away with it!

  1. You're attending a concert or festival: This summer lovin' festival look is darling, we absolutely love it! Pair with gladiators or wedges and braid that hair girl! Super sweet. (Try these: 'Carolina' Paisley Print Overalls (O'Neill) - $69.50 at Nordstrom)
  2. You're confident and you love the look: Get it! If you snap those bad boys on and like what you see, own it. If done right, overalls can be super cute. But if done wrong, it can be a complete disaster. The fitted look with a little give is where it's at. Consider throwing a loose flannel tied around your waist. Please leave both straps up and attached. I think these two looks are pretty on-point. (Try these: BP. Tee & STS Blue Shorts - $58.00 at Nordstrom or Washed Denim Overall (Free People) - $98.00)
  3. You're preggers: Pregnant women are just downright beautiful. Show that belly off in a pair of comfy (yet stylish) overalls. Try this ASOS Overalls Jumpsuit, it's stretchy and grows with your belly. (Try these: ASOS Maternity Overall Jumpsuit In Jersey - $49.00)
  4. Brunch, Brunch, Brunch, I love Brunch: Enjoy that lazy Sunday in your fav Guess vintage overalls with a high pony tail and your biggest sunnies. (Try these: Guess overalls (Bad Omen Vintage) - $56.00)
  5. You're Beyoncé. OK, duh. Beyoncé literally looks AMAZING in everything. She could have worn an overalls inspired wedding dress and it would become a trend. Like the Kate Middleton wedding dress effect (who else could bring long sleeves back in?!).

Overalls get a lot of mixed reviews. Most people I asked said to leave the denim playground gear for the kids to wear, but if this trend excites you - rock it with confidence.

***Honorable mentions include but are not limited to farmers, painters, Mario and Luigi, babies, LL Cool J and the cast of Full House.