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Tricks of the Trade: Beauty doesn't have to be pricey

Maintaining a beauty regime is pricey, we've all been there. Last time I got a full balayage, it set me back $300 and that price was just for the color, no cut included. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hemorrhaging money just to look good. I want to look my best, but I also want to have money to spend on other things as well. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this. So, we've rounded up some of our go-to beauty hacks to save you some money honey! And don't worry, you'll still look super hot and feel great!

Plump Lips
Grab your favorite gloss, and throw in a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix it around, and apply. BOOM. You'll have plumped lips, and fresh breath too. Score! Way cheaper than injections.

Hair Color
Whoever talked us into switching to balayage instead of foils did a really good job - I can't really even remember why we stopped! It costs almost half the price to get a foil and the results are pretty dang similar.

Amazing Lashes
My lashes SUCK. I used to get extensions, but it cost a ton and ruined my lashes. I recently got a Keratin lash lift and tint at the Browology Bar in Issaquah and I LOVE the results. It costs $100 and will last 5-10 weeks, whereas extensions start around $150 for a full set plus a fill every three weeks for $55. You do the math... I'm not even wearing mascara anymore, I don't need to. Check out my before and after. Also, did you know that you can make your mascara last longer by adding a little bit of saline solution? Well, now you know.

If you get frizzy hair after the shower, keep those towels for the beach, and wrap your hair up in a t-shirt! The fabric won't pull, or break hair like towels can, it will gently absorb water, giving you luscious locks, every time! You can buy a towel, made of this cotton t-shirt material too, if you'd prefer! No need to buy into those anti-frizz products...unless you REALLY need it.

Perfect Eye-Shadow/Eyeliner
If you are doing a sleek, perfected makeup look and you want to create flawless winged eyeliner this hack is perfect for you. Getting a symmetric and clean line with eyeliner and eyeshadow is very hard. One mistaken swipe of makeup and you might have to bring out the makeup remover and start all over again. The solution to this makeup woe is simple, just tear off about an inch of tape and place it on your eye where you want your makeup to end. When you take the tape off your eye look will be immaculate! No need to splurge on high end beauty brushes.

Foundation Fabulous
Tinted moisturizers are great for when you want a little bit of coverage but you don’t feel like putting on an entire face of heavy makeup. You can make your own at home using products that you have in your makeup drawer. All you need to do is place a dime-sized amount of your everyday liquid foundation on the back of your hand, add an equal amount of your moisture, mix it together with you makeup brush, and apply it to the face. This is a great hack for when you are almost out of product and you want to make it last longer.

Once you find your signature scent, you want it to last longer – especially if you splurged on a designer fragrance. Fragrance should be applied to pulse points, like the wrists and neck. If you’re wearing shorts or a skirt, put some on the back of your knees as well. If you like more of a subtle fragrance, try spraying some perfume on your hairbrush before you do your hair. And always keep some fragrance-free moisturizer on hand. Mix a few drops or sprays of shampoo perfume into it and apply normally. Both of these techniques make for a lasting scent that’s subtle, but still pleasantly noticeable.

Updo For You
The unfortunate danger of an elaborate up-do is that your bobby pins can easily slide out and mess up your look. Make sure your pins have real staying power by laying them out onto a paper towel before you start pinning. Spray them all with a generous coat of firm-hold hairspray and allow them to dry. I bet you're asking yourself why you never thought of this before?

Dry Shampoo
Try baby powder. Apply it at the roots and brush it through your hair. My favorite brand – Suave Professionals – costs approximately $3 per bottle. While I prefer a commercial dry shampoo, blondes can make do with cornstarch. It has the same absorbent effect and blends well with blonde coloring.

There you go. Now go treat yourself to a night out with all the money you saved!