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Drybar founder Alli Webb is in town spilling hair secrets from her new book

Good salons are abundant in D.C. and when women ask me where to go for a good haircut or color, I can rattle off at least five places I would recommend varying in location and/or price. But when you just want a good, solid blowout there's only one name you need to know: Drybar.

The blowout bar really upped the ante for D.C women in 2012 when west coast stylist Alli Webb brought her cult-popular brand to Georgetown. Webb launched Drybar in 2010 after 15 years as a professional stylist and since then she and her team have opened 67 locations across the nation, including the five here in the DMV.

Now, Webb is revolutionizing the hair game once again with the release of her new book "Good Hair For All," which will serve as a guidebook on how to perfect Drybar's seven signature styles at home. After receiving such a strong response from her "Dry It Yourself" youtube videos, Webb was approached a year ago to write a book.

"I am hoping to help demystify hair a bit for those times that you can't make it into the store and have it done," says Webb. "This book is a nice extension, a step-by-step tutorial if you will, breaking down how to achieve our styles on various textures of hair. It's everything I've accumulated in my lifetime of doing hair wrapped up in one neat package!"

Of course, the potential scare with publishing your trade secrets is that you'd put yourself out of business! But Webb is confident that her brand will stand strong.

"Yes, I am essentially giving away a lot of my "secret sauce" and sharing what makes us successful, but reading how to give yourself a blowout is not the same as getting a professional blowout -- I don't think that luxury will ever stop being in demand," says Webb. "I think of this book as one more tool I can offer to women to help solve a hair problem they may have, whether it's 'I don't know how to do my bangs' or 'my hair is always frizzy.' The book will appeal to those people, but it can't replace the experience you have in our stores."

Webb also hopes that "Good Hair For All" will be useful to cosmetologists coming out of beauty school, as she says the art of blowouts isn't always emphasized in school. The book ends with a 20-question Q&A section that Webb says was the result of her polling all her friends to find out their "burning hair questions" and answering them. What is the most common question Webb gets asked?

"How to get volume," laughs Webb. Everyone wants to know how to get the big hair!"

You can also check out Alli Webb's recent interview on Good Morning Washington with Julie Wright, or watch the video above.