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Faux Fur Vest.jpg
Whether it’s faux or the real thing, fur’s fashionability endures (depite protests). We’re currently in the midst of a fur renaissance of sorts, with designers using the fluffy stuff in unexpected ways. The hairy shoe that rose to prominence in 2016 is poised to turn heads well into the new year. Try this Topshop, Faux Fur Vest ($125). (Image: Nordstrom)

Trend Alert: So far 2017 is all about Bra Tops, Bellbottoms & Fur

2016 was all about 90's throwback gear: chokers, thrasher tees, crop tops and dark lips. A different decade is slated to make a comeback in 2017 and it's groovy baby. 70's era flares, over-sized fur everything and bell sleeves.