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(Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/DC Refined)

Introducing our 2017 beauty challenge

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions – I love pasta too much to diet and the idea of de-stressing stresses me out. Still, it was tough not to resolve to do something different when I took a look through my makeup bag and realized I haven’t significantly changed my routine in years.

I’ve been obsessed with beauty since long before my mom busted me poking around her makeup drawer – prior to the age of strobing, k-beauty and YouTube tutorials. Still, I haven’t strayed much from my standbys like liquid eyeliner, brow filling products and pinkish lip stains. The grand exception is red lipstick, which I got a hold of on my first time out at a San Francisco gay bar... back in 2011. This is officially a beauty rut.

2017 is a year to compromise less and that starts with my coworkers and I trying out a new look, three times a week, for the rest of the month. We’re going to be experimenting with trendier looks like a monochromatic makeup, bright colors and glitter, but we’ll also be tackling makeup that seems intimidating – like contouring, dark lipstick and getting a handle on those Korean products. If you want us to try something out, drop me a line.

Here’s to a beautiful new year!