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Lash Extensions: 5 things you need to know now (Elle Lash Bar)

5 things you need to know now about lash extensions

Shakespeare once called the eyes the "window to the soul," and we can't help but agree. Whether you jazz up your lids with mascara, shadow, glasses or some combination thereof, a carefully crafted eye can make or break your 'look.'

In the age of the #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie, we're particularly concerned with making sure that our look is on point at all times.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Permanent lash extensions are the way to go for individuals who want to sport the extended lash look daily, and don't want the hassle (or irritation) of continually applying glue and lashes. Lashes are individually applied to your natural lash using surgical-grade glue under protected conditions of a spa or dedicated "lash bar."

What Exactly Am I Putting On My Eye?

Lashes are made of synthetic polyester that resembles faux mink hair. Slightly thicker and darker than the real deal, these lashes are applied one-by-one to your natural lash. Generally, lashes are two to three millimeters longer than your actual lash, giving the effect of permanent mascara.

A good stylist will work with your natural lash line to create "lash art." Nurse turned lash guru Jacqueline Newgen, owner and founder of Fairfax's Lash Jolie, says she spends time studying a client's natural lash line and often mixes several lash types to create the perfect look. Kardashian-wannabes might like the Xtreme Lash HD, a bolder look, while Asian clients may like the light but powerful "Volumation," where two or three lashes are applied to each natural lash for a fuller feel. For special occasions, she can add color or special designs.

How Long Does It Take?

The entire application process for a "full set" of lashes, somewhere between 85 and 125 lashes per eye, takes 90 minutes to two-and-half hours. Extensions should be "filled" every two to three weeks. That takes about an hour for 25 to 45 new lashes to be re-applied.

You'll lay down for the service, usually on a spa bed, and enjoy relaxing music.

What Does It Cost?

In the D.C. area, standard application runs about $300 for a "full" set of lashes, with fills running about $100. Certain salons, like Elle, offer membership discounts, and many salons offer regular specials. Elle Lash Bar manager and stylist K.P. Murray, says that the full sets are the most popular, but many women, particularly those in areas like Capitol Hill, often opt for fewer lashes for a more natural look.

Where Should I Go?

It's most important to find a reputable stylist trained by industry leading brands like Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions, and to make sure the place is clean and the technicians equipped to answer any questions you may have about the styling or care of your lashes.

Our recommended favorites are below: