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LouLou Boutiques now has a box subscription and we tried it...

If you are from Virginia, Maryland, or the District , you have most likely walked past a LouLou Boutique and maybe even shopped in one, but now the local boutique is delivering boxes full of your favorite products right to your door with the LouLou Box.

I have always been a huge fan of LouLou Boutiques, stopping in every time I pass one, so I figured I would try out the box and see what it is all about. I think it is safe to say I was a little disappointed.

I ordered my box on January 23 and went through the process of selecting styles, colors, jewelry, and different items I liked from their list. I placed my order, the total being $44.34 and received a confirmation email. The LouLou website says that you are able to sign up for a monthly subscription, but I was not prompted to sign up nor did I see an option to sign up for the subscription.

Two weeks later, I still had not received my box. I didn't know if they shipped it within days of you ordering or the same time every month. The website did not clarify any of this information. I emailed customer service and that is when I was told the boxes shipped on the ninth of every month.

After anxiously awaiting my LouLou Box for weeks, I finally received an email from the company on February 13 (four days after my box was supposed to ship) saying that my box had been shipped. Woohooo! I was excited to finally get my box and see what surprises were inside.

It was waiting for me at my door on Wednesday, February 15 when I arrived home from work. Of course, I hurried inside to open it and inside the box were three beautifully wrapped items in rose colored tissue paper with a note that said "Our February box features the color Rose, symbolizing grace and elegance. Found in the pastel color palette, Rose will be dominant in the upcoming spring and summer fashion. This gentle, soft color will ease the transition into the new season."

Time to dig in! I unwrapped my first item which was a pair of Rose Quartz earrings (cute), my second item was a TWD Signature gold bracelet (tiniest bracelet I have ever seen. I thought it was an earring and the partner was missing), and my third item was a printed village scarf (I will actually wear this). The value of the box was $78, according to a note left inside the box. If I was willing to spend that money on any of those items on any given day, then I guess this box was a good deal.

I have ordered a Stitch Fix box before, which is obviously a little bit of a different concept. With Stitch Fix, you buy the items in the box that you want and you send back the rest. Honestly, I would choose to do that over a LouLou Box as I was not entirely overly impressed with the contents of my box. I think $44.34 is a lot of money to spend on three small items. I know LouLou is a high end boutique with quality accessories and I will continue to shop in store, but I wouldn't order the box again for myself or a friend, especially considering how long it took to get the box in the first place. If i'm going to spend money on pricier statement jewelry, I will go into a LouLou Boutique to purchase the specific item I want, instead of letting LouLou choose for me.

Have you guys tried out the LouLou Box? If so, what were your thoughts on the box? Tweet us using the hashtag #DCRreviews