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Beauty expert, Alexis Arenas saved the day with some tips on how to wear fall lip colors. (WENN)

Tips on how to perfect the dark lipstick trend this winter

I am far from being a lipstick expert, I actually never wear it, but these new fall lipstick trends had me wishing I knew how to do a little somethin' somethin' to spice up my lipstick game.

I am sure there are many other women out there who feel exactly the way I do about lipstick, so I turned to beauty expert and professional makeup artist, Alexis Arenas for some tips on wearing fall-colored lipsticks without looking scary.

How do you pick the perfect fall/winter lipstick shade for your skin tone?

Do you usually wear strong lips or is this a first for you? If you regularly are slapping on red lipstick for an evening out - you can start off with some show stopping colors!

If you take a "less is more" approach to lip color, I would look at the colors that you gravitate towards naturally, and select one in the same family that is about one to two shades deeper - enough to make you go "WOW" when you put it on - like "Wow, you look super hot, you wear that sexy lipstick!" But not "Wow, that's so deep I think I'll just hang out here. In my house. With this super scary lipstick on." Remember, choose in your lipstick comfort zone.

Here is an easy way to choose: Check your wrist - blue veins: (cool) choose warm red lip colors; green veins: (warm) choose plum colors; A mix of green and blue? You are neutral and can wear anything! Go get 'em, tiger!

What specific brands and colors do you recommend?

I am a HUGE fan of MAC lipsticks, glosses, and stains. They have a shade for everyone. Choosing a strong lip color can be intimidating - you don't want to look like a giant, glowing pair of lips!

A great way to test out a new look is to wear a sheer wash of color - a great one to try is Perpetual Holiday Versicolor Stain from MAC - you can put this on as lightly or heavily as you like. It is long wearing and the color suits almost everyone!

If you want a color with less commitment than a stain I LOVE Verve - it is the perfect fall lipstick (that you can wear all year). It's a twiggy brown with just the right amount of shine.

How do you balance your makeup around a dark lipstick?

The best foil for a fierce lip is a crisp and classic look for the rest of your face. I love to pair a bold fall lip with soft washes of neutral colors (think camel brown, buttery gold, and smoky charcoal, depending on your coloring) and a flick of eyeliner. Blush really brings a statement lip to life - using a rosy tone to give you that "just walked in from the cold" look is so gorgeous!

Can you wear dark lipstick to work?

You absolutely can wear dark lipstick to work - however, gear your look towards your workplace - you want to go more autumnal, less goth-day-out. I love to use a deeper lip pencil to shade in the lips and coat with a moisturizing gloss - like Aquaphor (excellent in the dry, cool months). Make sure the rest of your makeup is clean and fresh and this is a great look!

How do you transition it into night?

If you are heading out straight from the office with your "work friendly" bold lips - I would slick on a coordinating lip stick or gloss to give the look more "oomph." Add some shimmer to your brow bone, cheek bones, and a pop of cheek color and you are ready to go.

Do you have tips for someone who has never worn lipstick before, but wants to try out this trend?

If you take a "less is more" approach to lip color I would start out with a deeper color in a sheer wash - Black Honey Almost Lipstick, by Clinique is a great place to start.

A great tip for ANYONE wanting to wear a bold lip is to make sure you keep the look tidy - I love to clean up around my lips with MAC's Studio Fix Pencils - they make sure your lip color stays on your lips - and are great to keep in your bag to freshen up your face (they work as concealer, contour, spot cover - it's a MUST HAVE).

Do you recommend using a liner? If so, what are the benefits of a liner?

I love love LOVE lip liners!!! You can use them alone or pair them with lipsticks or glosses and get a million different looks. Liners are great not only because they provide definition (necessary!) for a strong lip color, but they also make the color last longer and stay bolder and brighter. MAC Lipliners in Chestnut and Nightmoth are staples in my kit - they are gorgeous on their own or paired with other lip products.