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Founder, September Rinnier. (Photo: Tina Irizarry)

Watch out Georgetown! Tuckernuck's first brick and mortar store is here

It wasn't too long ago when two college students at the University of Pennslyvania decided they would take on the task of starting their own business.

Graduated and ready to take on the retail world, September Rinnier and Madelyn Grayson took jobs at a retailer in Georgetown to learn the business inside and out. After working for about a year, the ladies took their knowledge and with the help of Madelyn's older sister Jocelyn Gailliot, launched Tuckernuck.

Tuckernuck is a boutique curated for the classic, American lifestyle and inspired by good, old-fashioned fun. You can find anything from Barbour jackets, striped shirts, and blazers to Artemis Flats and a dress for a night out or wedding.

Four years after launching and being exclusively online, Tuckernuck is getting ready to open their first brick and mortar store in the center of Georgetown at 1053 Wisconsin Avenue on Friday, October 7.

I sat down with founder, September Rinnier to talk fashion and obviously the much anticipated Tuckernuck opening!

Who is your style inspiration?

This is a question we get asked a lot and I don't think there is one person who is my true style icon. What we always say is 'we are very inspired by our friends and traveling' and that's really what inspires us in terms of what we are looking for and how we come up with an assortment each season.

When we travel we document all the street style and everything within the different cultures. So I would say we look to our friends and traveling more than to a certain style icon.

How would you describe your personal style?

I'd say my personal style is very classic, all-American, but I also like to pull in unexpected pieces that are eclectic. You can pretty much always find me in a white button down or striped shirt, jeans, and a blazer. But I love unexpected pieces like really fun big jewelry or really cool shoes.

Name three things in your closet you couldn't live without?

A striped shirt, my Belgian loafers because they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and a classic tailored blazer.

Why did you choose Georgetown for Tuckernuck's first brick and mortar store?

We started our company in Georgetown four years ago and we've grown here. The area has treated us really well, so we always knew that our first store would be in Georgetown. I think the style of Georgetown and the people here have always inspired us and that was very important.

How would you describe Tuckernuck to someone who has never shopped there?

I would say it's a classic one stop shop for all American style.

What is your favorite item in the store?

I have lots of favorite items, but if I had to pick one, right now it would be Mercedes Salazar earrings. They are beautifully done statement pieces. They are also extremely lightweight and I love statement earrings, but I also hate how heavy they can get and these are some of the most comfortable earrings I have ever worn.

You can see some of September's favorite items in the photo gallery above.

What makes Tuckernuck different than any other store in the Georgetown?

Something that is really important to us is the discovery of new brands. I think Georgetown has lost some of the boutiques that it used to have and a lot of single label brands have come in.

We want to always have new brands that the customer has never heard of so they are constantly discovering new things when they walk in. We also want our customer to know that we will always have the pieces they rely on, but also new and unexpected pieces.

What are you most excited about for the opening of the store?

We've been online for four years now and we've grown our customer base, but we have never been able to meet them in person. I am excited about being able to meet all of the customers who are wearing and loving our clothes. Our customers are the reason we have been as successful as we are. The other thing that has been so exciting for us is seeing our vision come to reality in the physical world.