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Show Me Your Mumu. Hacienda Convertible Off the Shoulder A-Line Gown - $172.00. (Image: Nordstrom)

Yes, Bridesmaid Dresses That Aren't Hideous DO exist

Bridesmaids have it good these days! No more tool and taffeta, bye bye 80s fashion disasters. Bridesmaid dresses now are less of a uniform, and more of a party.

Brides, we totally get it. You want your girls to look trendy, yet classic. Stylish, yet sophisticated. Contemporary, yet timeless. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10, bridesmaid dress trends of 2017 that will stand the test of time, and what we really mean is years from now you'll still love your wedding photos and not cringe every time you glance at them.

  1. Mix and match is still a thing: Different dresses in the same color, same dresses in different shades or just all different dresses in a similar color theme. When we say mix and match, we're not kidding. Just about anything goes here.
  2. Let your ladies shine in sequin: Sparkle and shine aren't just for new years eve or bachelorette parties anymore. Sequin is now making an appearance on bridesmaids and we couldn't love the trend more.
  3. Boho: We've seen this trend and we loved it so much in the past, it's sticking around for 2017. There's just something special and whimsical about flowy dresses and getting married barefoot on the sand or in a garden.
  4. Tea Length: Think Mad Men style dresses. It's a super classy look, but we have to warn that this trend in not complimentary to all body types. With that said, If done correctly this look can totally be gorgeous and retro.
  5. Cap Sleeves: Yes, we couldn't love this trend more. The cap sleeves bring a sense of romance and it doesn't hurt that it's comfy.
  6. Floral Print: I'd be careful with this one. I fear brides might look back on their wedding pictures and regret using a floral print. It's very bride-specific. Brides, you know who you are. I think this look is better for the MOTB (mother of the bride).
  7. Two Pieces: Who wore a two-piece dress to prom? Samesies. This trend is just like what we remember, but better. There's more options and less poof.
  8. Sheer Fabrics: Delicate, sheer, and transparent. This trend is sure to class up the joint. Bonus points if there's a fan blowing the fabric like you're in a music video during the reception.
  9. Neutral colors: Tone it down with neutral colors. We love that blushes, light greys, and taupes are trending because it makes it easy to make the look your own by going wild with fabulous floral and accessory accents!
  10. Minimal makeup: Sometimes less, really is more. Put down the air-brush and power tools and look like YOU for the big day.

Scroll through the gallery for bridesmaid style inspiration, brides to be will totally want to say "I DO" to these gems!