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Rachel is selling many of the outfits she wore on Nick Viall's season on thredUP and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the ACLU. (Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin) 

You can now shop Bachelorette Rachel's closet

We know, we know, it's time to move on from our favorite Dallas sweetheart and start talking about the raunchiness that is Bachelor In Paradise (and don't worry, we will tomorrow!) but we aren't quite ready to let Ms. Rachel go! Especially once we learned that we can now shop a few of her best outfits from her time on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor!

If you've ever had your heart broken, you probably remember exactly what you were wearing the moment it happened. Combine that with any gifts your ex gave you and you have an entire section of your wardrobe that you either a. burned out of sheer hatred or b. can't bear to part with out of sheer nostalgia. Poor Rachel not only has an entire wardrobe that reminds her of ex Nick Viall, she also has hundreds of photos of her on the internet wearing said clothing with said ex boyfriend... I think we can all understand why she'd want to take the burning route.

But Rachel, the ever gracious queen that she is, has decided to take her unwanted reminders of the past and do a little good, by selling them on thredUP and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the ACLU -- thredUP is also matching every dollar raised. We're talking everything from the infamous penguin onesie she wore in the fantasy suite with Nick to the gorg gray wool coat she wore at the windy NYC rose ceremony where she found out she had made the final three. Even the green dress you see in her Twitter/Instagram profile pic is up for grabs! Rachel appears to be a size small or XS in most items so if that fits you, get to shopping!

“I’m cleaning out my closet and selling my clothes from Nick’s season on resale site to get a fresh start with my new fiancĂ©," Rachel told thredUP. "I’m excited for me and Bryan to be a normal couple, and I’m so glad I finally get to wear the engagement ring he picked for me!"