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Laura Wainman

Managing Editor

Though Laura came to journalism late in the game (Oh, hello parents. Yes it is my senior year, and yes I am completely changing my career path, but it will be fine), her love of the written word began early. Kindergarten was really the defining year: after begging her mother to read her "Little Women" as a bed time story instead of the regularly scheduled Winnie the Pooh, she decided she wanted to be just like Jo, but vowed to never let her little brother burn a prized manuscript. Shortly after, she came to write her first best-seller - i.e. she made her parents buy a million copies of this witty thesis on the daily life of a five-year-old. I believe there are a few copies of this stunning piece of literature still in circulation- inquire within.

Laura is a passionate Washingtonian, born and raised in NOVA, but a District resident for the last five years. She sold her car so she could fully experience city living, and hasn't regretted it for a moment, particularly not when she watched all of her friends dig their cars out of 30+ inches of snow during #Blizzard2016. She proudly boasts major coffee, fashion and baseball addictions (Natitude!) and is not currently seeking treatment for any of the aforementioned conditions. The love of her life is her scraggly-haired, eight-pound silky terrier who stole her heart from day one, and tests her patience on the regular.

Fun facts: Laura can relate just about any life situation to an episode of "Friends" and will gladly rap every word of the musical genius Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" on demand.