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Beat the cold! 5 places to stay active while staying indoors

Anyone who lives in the DMV, knows the weather is like riding a roller coaster. One day the high is 70 and the next day it’s cold and icy. So where do you go when you want to get off the couch and do something active and have fun?


The perfect place to keep up your golf game in the winter is at Topgolf with a high-tech driving range. It has well-heated bays that are about 20 degrees above recorded temperatures. And what’s really cool is that they serve food and drinks right to your bay. Both locations, Ashburn and Alexandria, serve food including breakfast, and beer and wine. Ashburn serves Sunday Brunch and mixed drinks. But if you’re a serious player and don’t want anything to interfere with your practice, you can always have your food and drink in the restaurant/bar. The Alexandria facility (74 bays) has a large outdoor patio and two-18-hole golf courses. The Ashburn Topgolf (100 bays) has a rooftop terrace with a fire pit and over 200 HDTVs. You can even take lessons or have a party at Topgolf.

Rock Climbing

Can’t get out to rock climb, want to learn or just want a fun time? Earth Treks Climbing, with several area locations (Crystal City, Rockville, Columbia, and Timonium) is the place to go. So what if you’ve never climbed before? Just drop in on Saturday or Sunday for an open climb pass that includes three climbs, a harness rental, and an instructor to lead your climbing experience. No reservation needed. The three climbs will give you a taste of climbing. Now if you’re excited about learning to climb, there’s a hands-on class designed for people with little or no climbing experience. You’ll learn the safety systems of belaying, basic knot tying, and basic climbing movement.


You’ve thought about skydiving, but not quite sure about doing it. Why not try it out, not from a plane but indoors at IFly. They call it your indoor playground. You’ll gear up, get instruction, and then it’s time for flying in the wind tunnel. You can even learn to do flips and fly with friends.

Trapeze School

Okay, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is closing, so you wouldn’t be getting a job there. But you can still have high-flying fun. At the school, they say “Forget fear. Worry about the addiction.” During the cold months, the school is all indoors. You’ll throw yourself off a platform 23 feet in the air. Or maybe you’d like just to bounce on a trampoline. You can do that too.

Indoor Swim

Miss your daily or weekly swim? Well, hit the water indoors. Do laps, swim, take lessons, or join a club. If you wish to dive, sign up for a class or club and you can do that too. Some of the local indoor pools have hot tubs, saunas, and a gym.