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Coola Sport (Amanda Shapin)

Beat the heat this summer with this protective gear

Despite the summer heat and the sun rays beating down on you, you did it. You got outside and managed to finish your long run, no matter how hard the humidity tried to slow you down. And D.C. folks know just how intense that humidity can be. Getting your workouts done outside in the summer is challenging as-is, there's no need to make it worse with sunscreen stinging your eyes and ridiculous sports bra tan lines ruining your summer look.

Have no fear, if you’re prepared with the right product and gear, you can get those long runs done and enjoy the sunshine, all while still protecting your skin. Enjoy the sunshine, work up that humidity-induced sweat, and feel the burn. But not the sunburn.

Here’s how to arm yourself for a healthy day in the sun, no matter how hot and sweaty it gets.

Invest in a Trustworthy Sports Sunscreen

Don’t skimp on quality sunscreen. The right brands will ensure that the product stays in place and won’t drip into your eyes during the sweatiest runs.

  • Coola Sport products go strong for 80 minutes, are ultra water resistant, and thanks to certified organic ingredients, this high-performance sunscreen will not only protect your skin, it will also work to repair sun damaged skin. Feeling sleepy as you kick off your Sunday morning run? Use Coola’s Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer, the invigorating natural white tea scent might just give you the extra wake up you need to attack your morning miles.
  • Don’t underestimate the petite sized Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen from Fresh. This do-it-all product softens and moisturizes skin while protecting the lips, face and eye area. If you’re headed out for your long run or are planning to hang outside post-workout, this tiny stick is perfect to toss in your pocket or run belt for reapplication.

Opt for UV Protective Gear

You might think that the sun can’t hit you where you’re covered by your workout clothes, but it’s not always the case. For those super bright days, arm yourself with special UV gear.

  • Taking it to the water? If you’re swimming laps solo and the sun's beaming down, you’re likely going to end up with a not-so-appealing swimsuit tan on your back. Sure, you could ask a stranger at the pool to help you apply sunscreen, but instead, try the Sweaty Betty Air Rush Rash Guard. The UV protected material will keep your skin protected and your freestyle stroke smooth.

Keep Tabs on the Sun

Even if you’re hitting the trail early, the sun can still cause damage. While it’s better to go before the sun is at full blast, be sure to arm yourself with the right gear and products no matter what time of day. Prep yourself with sunscreen, don't forget to reapply, and on the sunniest of days, seek out trails that provide coverage. To feel extra protected, add a sweat-wicking hat, like the Nike Aerobill Hat and sunglasses, like the Oakley Half Jacket to your wardrobe.