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SplashCycle is a thing and it's amazing! (Photo: Splash Cycle)

Cycling in a rooftop pool with a sunset view...sign me up!

Who wants to be stuck in a dark cycling room for a workout on a beautiful summer evening? Not me! I want to be in the pool on the rooftop of the Embassy Row Hotel with an amazing view of the city, taking an aqua cycling class.

If you too want to be on the rooftop of the Embassy Row Hotel taking an aqua cycling class, all you have to do is signup, because guess what?! Splash Cycle is a thing and it's amazing! Splash Cycle is DC's first aqua cycling class. Aqua cycling is an underwater spinning workout, where stationary bikes are placed in the pool and you pedal against the water resistance. So no worrying about where your resistance knob should be or looking down to adjust it.

When I heard about this glorious summer workout, I knew I had to sign up and give it a try. I was a little worried it would be like a grandma's water aerobics class, but I was so wrong. There were ladies of all ages trying out the class and I fit in just fine.

I wore workout shorts, a sports bra and a formfitting tank top (I don't own a one piece bathing suit, but if you do, that is fine to wear), and Splash Cycle provides water shoes. I would recommend wearing shorts over your bathing suit, just so you have a little protection between you and the seat. Once I arrived on the rooftop, I hopped in the pool, doggy paddled over to my bike, got situated on my bike and tried to keep my butt down on the seat (serious core workout! I felt like I kept floating up). Class started and it was like any other spin class. You ride to the beat, you go through hand positions, and instead of using weights for an arm workout, you move your arms back-and-forth through the water for resistance. Class lasted about 45-minutes and let me tell you, I was not sweating, but my glutes and core were on fire from trying to keep my balance on the bike.

Did you know there are many benefits of underwater cycling? The water helps support your body weight, providing a low-impact exercise that protects your joints, bones, and muscles. Also, ladies you will like this one! As you are peddling through the water, the water massages your body and activates the lymphatic system, ridding the body of toxins and helping to improve blood circulation, which in the end helps with toning and reducing cellulite.

Splash Cycle classes are currently only held on Mondays and Tuesdays at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m., and 8 p.m. Classes are $25 per class or $20 per class if you buy a five pack.

#Protip: Don't forget a change of clothes for after class and a bag to put your wet clothes in! Also, there are no locker rooms for changing, so expect to change in a very small bathroom.