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Celebrate Halloween without feeling a post-holiday sugar crash. (RX Bar, Delighted By, Eating Evolved) <p></p>

Health coach approved Halloween treats

You might think the scariest part of Halloween are the ghosts and goblins, but you’re wrong! It’s actually the artificial sugars and chemicals, plus the sugar highs and crashes you’ll be feeling if you overindulge in trick-or-treating loot. Sure, you can sneak a Reese’s or two (who can resist?), but if you want to avoid waking up on November 1 with a sugar hangover, here are some grown up ways to celebrate the sweetest holiday of the year.

Chocolate Cups Done Right:

Those previously mentioned Reese's are pretty tempting, but there's a better option. Full of healthy fats, Eating Evolved products are made of simple ingredients, taste sinfully good, are certified organic, dairy free, gluten free, paleo and vegan. No additives here! Take a bite out of the Pumpkin Spice Coconut Butter Cups, Mint Cream Coconut Butter Cups or the Almond Sea Salt chocolate bars and have no guilty feelings later. Available at various DC MOM’s Organic and Yes! Organic Market locations and Roberta’s Natural Foods in Fairfax, Va.

Candy Corn You Won't Regret:

It’s somewhat addicting, isn’t it? If you end up accidentally eating the whole bag, at least make it a bag of organic candy corn. Check out YumEarth’s version which is organic, non-GMO and gluten-free.

A Surprising Dessert:

When you think of delicious desserts, your mind probably doesn’t immediately turn to hummus, but when mixed with the right ingredients, this typically savory snack can be mistaken for cookie dough. Try Delighted By hummus in Snickerdoodle, Vanilla Bean, Brownie Batter and Choco-Mint. Pairs tastily with everything from apple slices, to pita chips to fresh berries, to just a spoon if that’s more your snacking style. Available in DC and Maryland Harris Teeter locations.

Who Needs Cookies? Eat it Raw:

It takes real self control to not dig into cookie dough when baking up a batch. With P.S. Snacks, cookies aren’t the end goal. These snacks are made to be eaten right out of the container and are gluten free and vegan and made with all natural ingredients and heart healthy fats. Find it in various Whole Foods in the DC area, South Block DC and Virginia locations, Yes! Organic Market and Union Kitchen Grocery, Capitol Hill.

Homemade Trail Mix:

Toss together a mixture of healthy and maybe some less healthy ingredients to make a filling and satisfying mix. For the healthy items, use raw nuts, natural raisins, goji berries, and to satisfy your cocoa cravings, add Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.

Nice Cream Dessert Bar:

Instead of an ice cream sundae bar, opt for all natural deliciousness with an ice cream alternative made simply of frozen bananas--a cool dessert that's beyond easy to create. Simply peel bananas and freeze overnight, then blend the frozen bananas in your blender. For a smoother consistency, add a tiny bit of almond milk. To add flavor, toss in a bit of cacao powder for a chocolatey finish without added sugar. If you’re hosting a party, whip up a batch of Nice Cream and offer a lineup of healthy toppings (like the ingredients from the above trail mix and fresh fruit).

All-Natural Bars:

If you’re craving a Snickers, we can’t guarantee that a protein bar will fulfill what you’re really looking for, but keep an open mind and give RxBars a try. Only made with a handful of ingredients, all of which you can pronounce, the Chocolate Sea Salt bar can stand in for your standard chocolate bars when that craving and hunger hits. Get them at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's in the DC area.