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When your weekend is winding down, keep your spirits high. (Amanda Shapin)

How to banish the Sunday Scaries & start your week strong

When your weekend is winding down, keep your spirits high.

The best way to start off a healthy week is to rid yourself of the Sunday Scaries and face the week with positivity. If Sunday's leave with you with a mix of misery, anxiety, and a serious longing for the next weekend, read on for five easy steps to rid yourself of that feeling and get ready for a great week ahead.

Look on the Positive Side:

Weekends are the shining star of the week, and Monday through Friday usually can’t compete, but there must be some goodness in those weekdays. Before you wallow in the misery that is another gone weekend, look at your week and focus on the things you’re excited about. Maybe it’s dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, a new workout class you’re excited to try or hey, maybe it’s a free lunch at work one day. Whatever it is--big or small--focus on the things you’re looking forward to, it will make the week seem brighter, it will lift your Sunday gloomy mood and will make the days pass faster.

Think about your Monday Stressors:

If you find that your mood drops on Sunday evenings and your anxiety level raises, consider why this is happening. Is there a project at work you’ve been procrastinating, a conflict with a coworker you’ve been avoiding or a meeting you’re nervous about? Take some time to think the anxieties through and write out ways to face them. No one wants to start the week on edge, and if you can pinpoint why you’re feeling that way, you’re one step closer to alleviating the anxiety and preparing yourself for what’s coming.

Craft your Weekend To-Do List:

Weekends are meant to be enjoyed, but they are also a time to be productive. Even with a packed weekend, find a few hours to get things done. First, put together your must-do list. Many of your weekly prep items are the same each week, so write them down and keep yourself organized. Once you have your list, you’ll probably (hopefully!) realize that it’s not as daunting as it seemed. Popular dreaded Sunday activities typically include laundry, meal prep, scheduling your workouts, packing your gym bag and setting the coffee maker. Not so scary when you write it out, right? So make that list prior to the end of the weekend and you’ll be ready to tackle them one-by-one.

Use Sunday Wisely:

That above list? Don’t put it off all weekend and make your Sunday night a drag. Wait until Sunday evening to start tackling that list and you’ll begin your week tired and frazzled. To set yourself up for a successful week, make sure to get your to-do items done, and done early. Pick an early Sunday hour or two and do all the weekly prep items you typically leave to the last minute. Even better? Try doing all those things on Saturday, it will leave your Sunday feeling extra refreshing.

Get some movement:

Sundays can get away from you with activities, errands, or maybe just a lazy day on the couch, but make sure to get fresh air and move your body. It doesn’t need to be a long run or a killer HIIT, it can be a leisurely stroll with your dog or a flowy yoga class to set your mind right.