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Food Sensitivity Test (EverlyWell)

I tried a home health test and here is what I found out...

As a busy working woman I often struggle to fit everything into my schedule in a timely manner (like waiting till the last day of the month to get my car inspected). And unless I’m physically maimed I find it way too easy to put off those non-essential doctor’s appointments. But as my mother always says, “preventative medicine is the best medicine” and I recently became curious about the new trend in home health screening test kits.

I reached out to the folks at EverlyWell, who currently offer 12 at home health tests. From Cholesterol and Lipids to Women’s Fertility, there’s no need to let stress over your crazy to-do list cause any procrastination. EverlyWell will ship you a kit, you complete the sample on your own time and ship it back, how simple! They work with certified labs and all results are reviewed by a physician, you can learn more about the details at

I tried out their Food Sensitivity test, ever since my mom and best friend went gluten free I’ve been curious to learn more. “Gluten intolerance” has been a hot health topic for years, with lots of opinions ranging from fact to fad on the trend. Food Sensitivities (or intolerances) are different than food allergies. A food allergy is a histamine response in the body that can range from mild to life threatening. According to the EverlyWell website “Unlike a true food allergy or severe medical conditions like celiac disease, an antibody IgG immune response has been demonstrated to offer guidance on what foods may be the best to eliminate. Rather than randomly eliminating foods over many months and assessing your change in symptoms, as improvement in symptoms is always the best test, you can have a directed elimination plan.”

The test kit arrived quickly and the packaging and instructions were pretty easy to follow. Unlike all that Ikea furniture you haphazardly throw together, I do recommend reading all the instructions thoroughly before you begin. You wouldn’t want to end up pricking your finger and then trying to struggle to get an envelope open...not that I would know.

My results came back in a week and it’s extensive. They test 96 of the most common foods and then categorized your reaction from “Class 0” (low reactivity) to “Class 3” (high reactivity) providing specific info on each food tested. My results returned nothing higher than a “Class 1” (mild reactivity) but I think that’s because I already eliminated eggs a few months ago. Best part, if you have further concerns you can take the results to your doctor and not have to start from square one!

The home health test revolution may not be for everyone, but for those of us who want to stay on top of our health but struggle with busy lives; I do think it has the opportunity to be a catalyst for preventative health education and action.

*The information in this article in not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. All content is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualifies healthcare provider for any question you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or health related program.