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I am halfway into my 30-day challenge at MADabolic and I can feel myself getting stronger and cardiovascular exercises getting easier. (Corbin Jennings/ MADabolic)

MADabolic: Halfway through my 30-day challenge

Remember when I first wrote about MADabolic, before I started this 30-day challenge and I said that slide boards would be your worst enemy? Well, scratch that because now I think that the assault bikes are my new worst enemy, actually I know that for a fact. I just don't think they were made for short people with short arms, but that's just my opinion.

I am halfway into my 30-day challenge at MADabolic and I can feel myself getting stronger and cardiovascular exercises getting easier. I haven't told a lot of people this (insert embarrassed emoji) but on my first day of my 30-day challenge I took a quick break from class, went to the bathroom, threw up and then went right back into class -- And I thought I was in shape! I am proud to say that has not happened since.

If you have been to MADabolic you know about the color system -- white is the lightest weight, teal is medium-light, gray is medium-heavy, and black is the heaviest weight. I have stayed in the white for every workout and while I don't expect to move up to teal anytime soon, I feel like I am growing within the white category. I have more control over my movements, the weights are starting to not feel as heavy and I have high hopes that within a few months I will move up to teal.

I checked in with Corbin Jennings, owner of MADabolic Arlington to ask what one can expect after taking four to five classes a week for 30 days (like I am doing).

"This is a hard one to answer. It depends on what the client has been doing beforehand and their eating habits. Four classes if planned correctly will allow you to come in for all three interval types and twice on the “focus” interval. If this is going to be your only workout, this is the way to do it," added Jennings. "Coming in based on the schedule I mentioned above will allow you to get the most out of it. There is a reason for each interval type and coming less than the four mentioned above will still give you a great workout, but it won’t be as effective as possible."

I started in week seven of a 12-week sequence on a Monday with a durability day. I also did Tuesday (durability), Thursday (momentum), and Saturday (anaerobic) that week. My second week was the exact same as my first and the focus for those weeks was strength and structure. If you are wondering what any of that means, click here or here.

So, if you follow a strict plan like Jennings mentioned above and hit up MADabolic four to five times a week, after one month Jennings says, "you can expect to be moving substantially better than you did when you came in, especially if you haven’t done much lifting like this before. You are most likely moving more weight than you were before. Most of these gains are from your muscles firing more efficiently and you moving with proper form. You are also likely lifting with these movements more safely than ever before due to the attention to form."

I would say I am right on track with what Jennings said -- minus the moving more weight thing, but I will get there!

If you are reading this but not sure that MADabolic is right for you, right now you can try it out for 10 days for $10.

I am onto the final stretch of my 30-day challenge! Make sure to check back in two weeks for my final post. (PS. I know I said in my first post I would keep track of what I was eating. I have failed on that part! But I will say I have been eating pretty clean).