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My favorite workouts I tried in 2017

As I look back on 2017, I think about how lucky I am to have a job where I get paid to burn calories, a job where I get paid to do what I love...workout!

It took me a while to think of my favorite workouts I did in 2017, not because I didn't try a lot (I did my fair share of working out) but because I was trying to think of what was the hardest or sweatiest, not what I really enjoyed. So after serious consideration, here are my favorite workouts I did in 2017...the ones that were the most fun, kept me coming back, and were kick*ss workouts!

Corepower Yoga

I cannot say enough great things about Corepower. I tried this studio after developing pretty bad shinsplints that kept me from working out at my usual gym. I tried the "7 days for free" program and was instantly hooked.

This isn't your typical yoga studio, Corepower offers a wide variety of classes, my favorite being Yoga Sculpt. If your complaint about yoga is it's "not a real workout," try Yoga Sculpt at Corepower and then come talk to me. The class combines free-weights with yoga sequencing and cardio to intensify each movement...oh and lets not forget, you are in a heated 90-93 degree room.

One other thing I love about this studio, is the sign up process -- there isn't one! You don't have to worry about canceled class fees because Corepower is a drop-in studio. Pick a time, show up, sign in and you are good to go! A single class is $27 or choose from a variety of class packs. (I chose a class pack and am loving it!) PS. They have studios all over the DMV!


This is the DC workout that I had heard a lot of rumors about. Like they have puke buckets -- they don't. But naturally I was scared to try it, because who wants to puke in a puke bucket in front of the entire class...not me! Anyways, rumors aside, SweatBox was an awesome, heart pumping, sweat dripping workout. (To read about my experience, click here).

Here is a short description of what the class is: SweatBox combines aerobic and anaerobic intervals to achieve optimal performance levels within a 50-minute training period. The SweatBox training method originated in the scientific principles of Heart Rate Training, resulting in a unique workout experience. SweatBox utilizes your individual Heart Rate and Beats Per Minute (BPM) targets to deliver personalized training with quantifiable results and trackable performance metrics.

Right now, new clients can receive two weeks of unlimited classes for $34.

Splash Cycle

This rooftop pool workout definitely gets the FUN award! If you are feeling bored in your workout routine or just sick of hitting the dim gym everyday, Splash Cycle is the class you need to change it up. Splash Cycle is an aqua cycling class. Aqua cycling is an underwater spinning workout, where stationary bikes are placed in the pool and you pedal against the water resistance. So no worrying about where your resistance knob should be or looking down to adjust it. The resistance is all up to you!

I wouldn't recommend Splash Cycle to someone who likes grueling workouts, but definitely to someone who is looking for something to do on an "active rest day" or someone who is recovering from an injury. Splash Cycle is a great low-impact workout option that protects your joints, bones, and muscles.

Right now, classes are being offered indoors at the Watergate Hotel, but once the summer sun comes back around, they will be back on the rooftop of the Embassy Row Hotel!

What I look forward to trying in 2018 -- Barry's Bootcamp!

I haven't made my way into the newly opened Barry's Bootcamp DC, but believe me when I say, I will try this one out in January! The gym seems to encompass everything I love about a good workout -- a structured week, cardio, and weight training.


What was your favorite workout you tried in 2017? Tweet us @dcrefined and let us know!