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Arnold Gaither - Flywheel Instructor and Christa Aiken - Flybarre Instructor (Flywheel)

Two Flywheel instructors spill the beans on life and being fit

Do you ever wonder where your favorite Flywheel instructor eats, shops, and plays in D.C.? Or how they keep their perfect physiques while also living a normal life (we all need the occasional cocktail)?

We caught up with two of Flywheel's City Center instructors to get the scoop (ask them a million questions) on everything you could possibly want to know about their busy, but fit lifestyle.

Arnold Gaither - Flywheel Instructor

  1. Hometown: Long Island, New York
  2. Sweetgreen or Chopt? Sweetgreen
  3. What do you grab for a quick snack on the go? When I’m at the studio I love to grab one of the complimentary bananas or apples in the lobby, but when I’m running out the door I usually grab Quest protein bars (apple pie).
  4. Favorite place to get a healthy lunch/dinner? CAVA (not really sure how healthy it is, but I get super greens)
  5. Favorite spot for a night out? U. Street (has everything from clubs, bars, lounge, restaurants)
  6. Favorite low cal cocktail? Ciroc pineapple soda
  7. Favorite cheat meal? PIZZA (I am from New york, so nothing is better than NY Pizza)
  8. How do you handle over indulging in social settings? I teach every weekday morning at 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Saturday. It will have to be one amazing party for me to stay longer than an hour.
  9. Favorite workout clothing brand? Reebok
  10. The one thing you could never live without? iPhone
  11. Favorite pump up song? "Hustler's Ambition" by 50 Cent
  12. What do you hope people take away from your classes? Self-confidence and fun.
  13. What inspired you to become a Flywheel instructor? The energy in the room and endorphin's after taking my first class with Alex R.
  14. What is your biggest advice for someone who wants to try Flywheel, but is scared? Don't overthink it. Music is great and the studio gets dark. Grab a friend and come have fun.

Christa Aiken - Flybarre Instructor

  1. Hometown: Potomac, Maryland
  2. Sweetgreen or Chopt? I have been SUCH a fan of Sweetgreen, I used to make a customized salad there and call it the "DC Fit Chick Salad" (it was spinach with a pinch of kale, sweet potatoes, cucumber, broccoli, avocado, chicken and hard boiled egg, light oil and vinegar and a splash of lemon), but I have been really liking Chopt lately!! It's a tie for this one.
  3. What do you grab for a quick snack on the go? Fruit is such an easy and nutrient dense snack! Bananas, apples, oranges, grape, grapefruit are some of my favorites! Even better - Flywheel offers complimentary bananas and apples (you can find them in bowls placed around the facility!) which are perfect for fueling and refueling before and after class.
  4. Favorite place to get a healthy lunch/dinner? I order my food from Mighty Meals, a DC-based food delivery service, or I will grab a Cold Pressed drink from Fruitive. My favorite one is the Immunity Booster with ginger, apple, lemon, and cayenne.
  5. Favorite spot for a night out? 14th and U Street area is my go-to spot, I like going to places where I can dance! I also love seeing live music at Echostage, 9:30 Club, The Hamilton, Black Cat, H street Music Hall.
  6. On days when you are not coaching a class, what do you do for a workout? I love lifting heavy! Well, it's a love-hate relationship, because it is definitely HARD to lift heavy for 3-4 sets, but I love the results and the strength I feel afterwards. Otherwise jogging around D.C. is another one of my favorite ways to workout and just marvel at how beautiful this city is.
  7. Favorite low cal cocktail? Vodka, flat water (but not tap water) and a lime. My go-to drink for years. I don't like carbonation so I don't drink club soda or tonics, just regular purified water does the trick!
  8. Favorite cheat meal? Peanut butter and jelly on potato bread.
  9. How do you handle over indulging in social settings? By working out the next day, usually a class because it might be hard for me to motivate myself that much, and drinking a lot of water.
  10. Favorite workout clothing brand? Lululemon
  11. The one thing you could never live without? If I didn't have my iPhone that would be pretty hard, especially because I am constantly using Google Maps. I have no sense of direction.
  12. Favorite pump up song? Anything by Calvin Harris. Literally, ANY song he has ever produced pumps me up. My favorites of his are "C.U.B.A,' "Pray to God," "Feel So Close," "Sweet Nothing," "Blame," etc. etc.
  13. What do you hope people take away from your classes? My goal in my classes is to motivate people to push past their own limits and the arbitrary barriers they have set for themselves just because they have always done something a certain way- It's my goal to push people to go past that. As an NFL Cheerleader for four years, I can be SUPER positive, but on the other hand, I really believe that I give more than just give generic "you got this!" reinforcement. I look at everyone individually and see how they are struggling and give them specific directions that help push them to finish further than they ever thought they could.
  14. What inspired you to become a FlyBarre instructor? I have been teaching barre since 2013, and I kept hearing that FlyBarre was the BEST barre class people have taken. So naturally, I had to find out what the hubbub was about! It did not disappoint, and the company culture has been amazing!
  15. What is your biggest advice for someone who wants to try FlyBarre, but is scared? I would say just try your first class knowing that you will probably have to modify certain things, and you won't be an expert, but the more you keep coming back, the better and stronger you will become!