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Cover More Ground (Amanda Shapin)

7 reasons you should try a tri this summer

Experiencing a workout rut and tired of that same old running route? It’s time to mix things up with a new challenge that’s going to keep you on your toes, will vary your workouts and will take your motivation sky high. Sound appealing? Consider signing up for a triathlon! Does this seem daunting and out of your skill level? Hear us out. Don’t sell yourself short; triathlons range from sprints to Ironman and have a variety of options, wherever your athleticism level is at.

Still not sold on this three-part sport? Read on for seven reasons you should try a tri.

Varied Training for a Full Body Workout:

Because you’re training for three disciplines, your workouts will focus on different movements and varied impact, meaning your body will truly get a full body workout. For those who have felt burned out by marathon training and the constant pavement pounding, triathlon training keeps things interesting and is actually kinder to your body. Get ready to lose weight, tone up and get stronger.

Meet New Friends:

Just like running folks, triathlon people are extremely friendly and welcoming. Join a training club and you’re likely to meet a crew of like-minded fitness folks, eager to welcome a new tri friend. Perhaps at high levels things get competitive, but for most it’s about staying fit, challenging yourself and surrounding yourself with encouraging friends.

Cover More Ground:

A great way to explore the D.C. area is via a workout, but running can only get you so far. With long training bike rides you’ll have the opportunity to see more in less time via scenic trails or downtown routes.

Healthy Eating Habits:

While putting in the necessary training hours will likely increase your appetite and hunger levels, you’re going to be extra motivated to eat clean and healthy because you’re going to directly feel the impact of what you put in your body during your training, The healthier and better you eat, the strong you’ll feel as you lead up to race day.

Increased Energy:

Think training for three sports will drain your energy? Quite the contrary. When training properly, the combination of varied workouts and healthy eating will increase your energy overall. Sure, the longer workouts may leave you feeling exhausted, but generally speaking, throughout the training process you’ll feel more awake and productive than perhaps you did before you began the tri journey.

Motivation at an All Time High:

Once you take the leap and sign up for your first triathlon and put together your training schedule, it’s time to get moving! And you’ll be ready with your motivation soaring and those big goals on your radar. There’s something extra invigorating about taking on a new challenge and triathlon could be that next big one for you.

Endorphin Overload (in the best way possible):

Ever experience a runner's high after a particularly awesome run? Add swimmers high and bikers high to that list when you tri train. And just think about how amazing you’re going to feel when your sneakers hit that finish line on race day.

Ready to take the leap? Here are five triathlons within driving distance of DC to check out this summer:

Rev3 Half, Olympic & Sprint, Williamsburg,, VA July 8-9, 2017

Patriots International (Williamsburg, VA), September 9, 2017

Nation's Triathlon, Washington, DC September 10, 2017(warning on this race, the swim is frequently cancelled due to water/weather conditions)

Philadelphia Escape Triathlon, June 24-25, 2017

New Jersey State Triathlon, July 22-23, 2017