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Some people hate yoga and some people love it. (Generic image/pixabay)

The Beginning: Can I survive 30 days of hot yoga?

Some people hate yoga and some people love it. I don't like regular yoga, but I LOVE hot yoga! I have always found it very hard to sit still in a regular yoga class, but when it comes to hot yoga, I have no problem. I guess you could call me a true hot yogi.

So I have started a challenge, much like the one my coworker did with SolidCore, except I am doing three days of hot yoga a week for one month at Mind the Mat in Del Ray- I am also working this around my boxing classes that I do daily- some might call me crazy, but I love it!

I will be trying a mix of hot power hour yoga, hot flow yoga and hot pilates.

You might be asking yourself what is the point of me doing this, and don't worry, I have an answer for you!

Questions over whether you can lose weight or gain muscle definition in hot yoga are all over the internet. All you have to do is Google, "does hot yoga really work?" and you are flooded with speculations on whether this is a good workout or not. I am not doing this to lose weight (if I lose weight I will let you know), but I would like to see improvement in my flexibility, balance, and strength - Oh, and obviously I would love to feel more zen!

My challenge is just beginning and I would love for all of you to follow along with me. I have taken my body measurements and figured out from my first class, what I can and cannot do. One of the cannots being a handstand (if I master that I will be sure to let you all know).

Make sure to look out for my halfway and final posts. Who knows, maybe I will be doing splits and headstands when I'm done...we can all dream, right?