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SweatBox combines aerobic and anaerobic intervals to achieve optimal performance levels within a 50-minute training period. (SweatBox)

The workout that will make you sweat, sweat till you can't sweat no more

You know those workouts that you hear about, but haven't tried yet because you are a little scared? Well, that was me with SweatBox. I heard the rumors on the street that it was the hardest thing ever and someone once told me they had puke buckets in class (not true), but I was scared to sign up, frankly because I didn't want to puke in a puke bucket in front of everyone! Anyways, I got past the rumors and one day got the courage to sign up for a class.

If you haven't been to SweatBox, it is a pretty swanky studio within the VIDA Fitness on U Street. You walk into glowing neon lights lining the floor, spot lights above every station, and bike and weight stations lining the room with wall to wall mirrors. The awesome thing about SweatBox is there is no station to station moving, you don't have to worry about fighting for weights or bumping into sweaty people because you are set up at a station and that station has weights, a bike, TRX bands, and is all yours for the entire class. Isn't that great?! I thought so!

Let me explain what SweatBox is before we get into my class experience: SweatBox combines aerobic and anaerobic intervals to achieve optimal performance levels within a 50-minute training period. The SweatBox training method originated in the scientific principles of Heart Rate Training, resulting in a unique workout experience. SweatBox utilizes your individual Heart Rate and Beats Per Minute (BPM) targets to deliver personalized training with quantifiable results and trackable performance metrics.

Now let's talk the actual sweat session:

I got to class a little late (parking in D.C. is crazy) but I was still in time to get my heart-rate monitor on and have Alexx the SweatBoss help me set up my bike and get me situated for class. I was on my bike warming up when I realized everyone in the class had lights on their bikes that show how hard you work and then a TV in the room that shows minute-by-minute results (no slacking off). It was during this time that I was really regretting doing my own workout that morning. (Pro tip: Don't take a workout class before going to another workout class that is just as hard).

Class started and it was off to the races! We were on the bikes, pedaling away, our bikes flashing colors of intensity level -- or shame, depending on if you can hit the suggested color. But let me tell you, I worked my hardest to keep my speed and intensity at the suggested color, I didn't want to look like the newbie! After a few minutes on the bike it was to the ground for some weight training, then back on the bike, then to the TRX bands for some bodyweight exercises, then back to the bike (kill me now), then to the ground for some ab work, and finally back to the bike. Then class was over, hallelujah!

They sure do call it SweatBox for a reason. I had sweat dripping in my eyes and from my body down to the floor -- there was basically a puddle around my station.

SweatBox was no joke and they worked me hard, but the SweatBoss, Alexx was amazing at correcting form and making sure everyone was following along and working at a pace that worked for them. I would recommend SweatBox to anyone who likes a little friendly competition and is ready to work hard because it is not an easy class. I would make sure to have a small snack before class and drink plenty of water because you will sweat A LOT.

Are you considering trying out SweatBox? Right now, new clients can receive two weeks of unlimited classes for $34.

Happy sweating!