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Order Healthy is an app where people can order takeout or delivery with foods placed in groups of what's healthy and what's not. (Photo credit: Order Healthy)

This app will help you determine what's healthy & what's not

Having a busy life can really throw off any healthy eating goals you set at the beginning of the week. It's so easy to get home from work and order delivery food...and let's be honest, that delivery food is normally not great for you. There are a plethora of apps that make ordering delivery as easy as 1-2-3. But a new app just hit the DC market and is here to help you make the most nutritious decision when ordering food to your doorstep.

Order Healthy is an app where people can order takeout or delivery with foods placed in groups of what's healthy and what's not. The app gives you access to over 10,000 restaurants and allows you to view each menu item on a traffic-light rating system. Green = healthiest; Yellow = moderately healthy; and Red = unhealthy.

Here are some statistics from Order Healthy comparing the average Red (unhealthiest) vs Green (healthiest) rated food:

  • 60% more calories
  • 83.58% more total fat
  • 117.65% more saturated fat
  • 63.35% more cholesterol
  • 43.59% more sodium
  • 39.49% more carbohydrates

According to new research from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania: When researchers added color-coded or numeric calorie labels to online food ordering systems, the total calories ordered was reduced by about 10 percent when compared to menus featuring no calorie information at all.

Ben Sakhai, founder of Order Healthy says the idea from the app came from just realizing how often he was ordering delivery and how bad that food actually was. "My brother and I were ordering a lot of food and we were living in a small apartment in New York City with a really small kitchen, so it was difficult to cook," said Sakhai. "We wanted to be able to eat healthier without having to give up our ability to live life and not always be in the kitchen."

Sakhai's hope for Order Healthy is that people will be a lot more conscious about what they eat and end up having healthier eating habits. "For me, I didn't realize how often I was actually eating unhealthy food. When the rating is right there by the menu item you are ordering, it is a more conscious decision whether you want to eat something healthy or not."

Order healthy is currently in 40 cities across the country and is available for free through the App Store with Google Play coming soon.

PS. Order Healthy also helps you find coupons and deals from your favorite restaurants (Who doesn't love a coupon??)