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Not only will you get to take in the beautiful sites of D.C., but you will be getting some miles in while doing it. (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/DC Refined)

Ways to workout in D.C. without a gym membership

There are so many benefits of living in D.C, great restaurants, nightlife, and it's just so darn beautiful. Some downsides include the cost of living and the extreme amount of money gyms want you to pay for a membership.

So maybe you have decided to save money by cutting out your gym membership and are looking for a new way to get your sweat on without the gym...Thankfully you live in D.C. and there are a plethora of options!

Get your miles in running the National Mall:

Not only will you get to take in the beautiful sites of D.C., but you will be getting some miles in while doing it. Don't feel like running alone? Or want to learn more about the history of D.C. while running? Sign up for a Run with a Ranger. Join a park ranger for a jog around the National Mall and learn about some of the most iconic sites in the city. The pace is about 10 minutes per mile with multiple stops along the way.

Stairs, stairs, stairs:

Running up stairs is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn those extra calories. Try sprinting up the stairs, walking down and immediately sprinting back up. Do this for 15 minutes and you will be feeling the burn. Add in some triceps dips or push ups at the end for a full body workout. Below are some options of stairs you can run in the D.C. area:

  • Exorcist steps
  • Watergate steps
  • Lincoln memorial steps
  • Spanish steps

Run or bike around Gravelly Point Park:

If you haven't been to Gravelly Point Park for a jog or bike ride, you don't know what you're missing! Located right along the Potomac River with the Mount Vernon Trail running through it, Gravelly Point makes for a beautiful place to log in your miles. Bring a yoga mat and some light weights and set up in the park for a full body workout, while watching the planes land at Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Take a hike:

The options for hiking around the D.C. area are endless! Old Rag Mountain, Billy Goat Trail, Sugarloaf Mountain, pick one and get to hiking. Walk at a faster pace to get your heart rate up or just take a casual stroll, either way, it's better than sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Want to really feel the burn? When arriving at a straight and flat stretch of your hike, do some walking lunges to work the glutes.

Take advantage of FREE classes:

Places like Lululemon, Athleta, and Nike Training Club offer select classes for free! Yes, we said it for free! Join in on an evening run or a rooftop yoga session to get your workout in without spending a dime. Also, don't forget about sites like Meetup that host a variety of workout groups for fitness lovers.

Get to moving, D.C.! Happy sweating :)