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RedEagle Polo (Red Eagle Polo Training Center)

Where to learn how to play a new sport this spring

Have you ever wished you could ride gracefully on a horse while hitting a tiny ball, or swing a tennis racket at the perfect angle to get that point? Well, wish no more!

We have gathered a list of places in the DMV and beyond that will teach you how to ride a bike, play polo, golf, and tennis like a pro...well almost like a pro.


If polo makes you think of the English aristocracy, well guess what, we mortals can play too. Mary Muldoon, owner of the Red Eagle Polo Training Center in Poolesville, the oldest polo school in the United States, says, “You don’t even have to know how to ride a horse to learn to play polo. The polo ponies are calm and kind.” Why play polo? Mary says, “It’s a team sport, there’s a connection with your teammates and the horse, and you’re out in nature. Most of all it’s great fun.”




Geoff Redgrave, director of Golf and Instruction at Wintergreen Resort, says, “Some people prefer group lessons because they feel it’s less stressful and intimidating. It’s a way to dip their toes in. After group lessons they usually take private lessons. Others want to jump right in and start with private lessons. It depends on your personality.” Why play? “It’s a game that gets you out in nature and can be played for a lifetime. And when you hit that one perfect shot, there’s nothing like it.”




Weekend Away

  • Why not combine a weekend away with golf clinics or private lessons. Head to Wintergreen Resort in Virginia where you can sign up for the golf academy with one, two and three day options, do a 35-minute clinic, or take a private lesson. At The Omni Homestead Resort in Virginia you can do the Golf Advantage School and take private lessons. You can also go to Omni Bedford Springs in Pennsylvania and take private lessons. At all three resorts you’ll enjoy all the amenities.


So you’ve never learned to ride a bike. No worries. Seth Benschoter, outdoor programs supervisor for REI Mid-Atlantic Outdoor Programs & Outreach, says, “Group lessons offer social support and shows that you’re not the only one who never rode a bike. Once you’ve learned, biking allows you to get outdoors and explore and you can live a car-free lifestyle.” In the DMV there are many bike lanes in place, and beautiful bike trails to discover.



Tennis anyone? Danny Cheng, assistant director of Tennis at Georgetown Prep, says, “Most adults that want to learn tennis are doing it for the social aspect. It’s a sport that’s fun, gives you plenty of exercise, and can be competitive. We see many of the people who sign up for lessons join a league and there are leagues for all levels.”




Cabin John Indoor Tennis, Bethesda

Georgetown Prep Tennis Club, Rockville

Weekend Away