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Whole30 Week 3: Prepare, prepare, prepare! (MGNonline)

Whole30 Week 3: Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Today is the first day of the third week of my Whole30.

I can't believe that I survived this long without a big slice of pizza! So far I have avoided hot dogs at a Nationals game, hamburgers and macaroni salad on the Fourth of July, cake on my dad's birthday and cocktails when out with friends. I think I deserve an A+ for not being a nasty B word at all these events.

I always hear that the cravings stop and eating healthy will become more of a habit and less of a hassle. I will say that it has become easier, but when I see someone eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, I still want one.

One way I have learned to not reach for junk food when I have those late night cravings is to prepare! I've found that preparation is the only way for me to be successful on a diet. (P.s. before you start the Whole30 throw away anything and everything in your home that could possibly tempt you to cheat.)

Preparation is not just meant for your meals, but for your life. For the last two weeks I have been preparing for outings with friends, dinner with family, as well as all my breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Today, I will share with you my preparation tips to beat those cravings and how to never mindlessly just pick something out of your fridge or from a restaurant menu.

Your crockpot is your best friend:

Sunday afternoon is the best time to break out that crockpot and prepare your meals for the week. Throw a whole chicken in the pot with some veggies and just like that, you have enough food for dinner the whole week. Need a little recipe inspiration? Check this one out.

Stock up on eggs:

I love eggs. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner... and lucky for me, they are Whole30 compliant! If you know that you are always rushing around in the morning, boil some eggs at night. This will give you a quick breakfast option so you don't grab that donut.

Are hard boiled eggs not really your thing? Try this easy and delicious egg bake.

Tupperware is amazing:

When I am done cooking all of my meals I separate everything into Tupperware containers so they are easily accessible for a grab-and-go meal. I don't label mine, but I have heard it does help some people to label with the day and which meal it is.

Look before you go:

Life should not stop when you are on the Whole30. So when your friends invite you to dinner, go! But don't go unprepared. Find out which restaurant you will be dining at and look over the menu before you go. This will help you from savoring over all the unhealthy "specials." You go into the restaurant with a game plan and leave not feeling guilty... just make sure to avoid the pre-dinner chips or bread.

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store:

Do not venture down the long scary aisles with the Doritos and Lucky Charms lurking at you! Stay on the perimeter of the grocery store, this is where your veggies, eggs, and meat live.

Do you have any tips that saved you on your Whole30? Share them with me by emailing