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The key to pulling off a table that will have your guests talking for seasons to come is layering and repetition -- it really is that easy! (Image: Ashley Hafstead)

9 easy tips for setting the perfect Thanksgiving table

We are less than a week out from Thanksgiving, so hopefully if you're hosting this year you have your menu planning done and know exactly which relatives not to sit near each other. But what about table decor? Lucky for you, if you've procrastinated we have all the tips you'll need to create the perfect fall tablescape right here!

  1. As with any party, and especially for Thanksgiving, the first thing that needs to be established is a theme. Taking inspiration from the golden hues and hearty tastes that fall brings into our homes is the perfect jumping off point when planning a killer Thanksgiving tablescape.
  2. Remember, when it comes to creating a memorable tablescape for your guests, you don't have to break the bank! With a little bit of imagination and time, you can create something amazing.
  3. The key to pulling off a table that will have your guests talking for seasons to come is layering and repetition -- it really is that easy!
  4. Think outside the box and get rid of the old school color schemes that incorporate orange, red, and yellow. Instead, opt for an updated and refined color palette of gold, copper, and silver.
  5. Every table needs a wow factor. For fall, why not have your guests dine under a canopy of leaves!? This low budget DIY offers high impact -- all you have to do is buy fake leaves, spray paint them in tones of bronze, silver, and gold, string them together with fishing line and hang from the ceiling over your table with heavy duty tape. This will take your table to a whole new show-stopping level that really sets the tone for your fall tablescape!
  6. Next, spray paint pumpkins or gourds (you can buy them fresh or buy the plastic ones that can be used every season) silver and gold and embellish them with thumbtacks for an inexpensive fix that makes your table look oh so luxe.
  7. A glam over the top holiday table is great, but if you want to take it up a notch, layer in a bit of rustic charm. Adding in unexpected elements -- like birch bark chargers, wooden salad plates, and a simple burlap tablecloth -- adds amazing texture and doesn’t make your table feel so stuffy.
  8. Create place card holders for your guests by simply using small gourds, leaves, and thumbtacks. Write your guests name on the leaf and attach it to the gourd with a single thumbtack and voila -- you have a stylish and fun place card that your guests can also take home as a take-away gift.
  9. Mixing and matching different metals, textures of dishes, glasses, and silverware also add interest to your table.

At the end of the day, remember to just have fun with this -- what truly matters is the family and friends that surround your table!