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Cynthia Rowley launches new furniture line (Image: Courtesy Belfort Furniture)

Designer Cynthia Rowley launches new furniture line

Award-winning designer and style icon Cynthia Rowley has taken her artistic abilities in a new direction. Rowley has launched a new furniture line, which will be sold exclusively at Belfort Furniture.

On Saturday, May 7 at Belfort Furniture in Sterling, Va. Rowley presented a "Conversation on Design" and shared her insights on being one of the world's top fashion designers and how she has brought her vision to the home furnishings world.

Mike Huber, Belfort Furniture Founder and CEO, said, "As Washington, D.C.'s premier furniture mall, Belfort Furniture is always excited to bring the latest styles to our customers." He added, "We like to bring the most unique looks to our market and are very excited to introduce this fashion-forward collection."

With three collections, "Sporty," "Pretty," and "Curious," Rowley really has a piece for every type of home. "Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture" combines a perfect mix of elements to create the most striking experimentation of materials and textures.

The "Curious Collection" is an exotic take on the global style. "Curious" includes silver and gold leaf, eglomise and mercury glass, jade onyx and the signature Cynthia Rowley black floral prints. "Sporty," inspired by surf boards, race cars and bold graphics is clean, polished and ready for action. "Pretty" mixes the past with the future, giving it a sense of timelessness.

DC Refined had the chance to speak with Rowley about the transition from fashion to furniture:

What made you want to get involved in the furniture design industry?

It's a total natural extension of fashion. It uses all the same elements we use in fashion--color, fabric, texture. I love being able to use a lot of unusual materials, finishes and hardware.

Where did your love for design come from?

I've always loved making things and the creative process ever since I was a tiny kid. I come from a family of artists and I started sewing when I was seven. It seemed totally natural to be a designer.

What inspires your work?

Everything. It's always a collage of everything in my life at the moment.

What is your favorite piece of furniture from your home collection?

I can't play favorites. I'm hoping to have a lot of things in my own house soon.

Do you have one piece of furniture in your home that you think transforms the whole space?

I have a lot of bold pieces just because I think if you love a piece you'll make it work. Mixing is always better than matching.

If you had to describe your furniture line in one word, what would it be?

How about a hyphenated word. 'Sporty-pretty' or maybe in one word, 'adventurous'

Belfort Furniture was chosen by Hooker Furniture to host the national launch of this premier home furnishings collection. Belfort Furniture, located in Dulles, Virginia, is Washington, DC's largest single location home furnishings retailer.