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(Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/DC Refined)

A definitive guide to four of D.C.'s coolest photo booths

As both a source of admiration and ire, the selfie has become a cultural mainstay for both millennials and baby boomers who figured out what the front camera is for on their iPhone. However, no Snapchat filter can offer the same level of coolness as an old school photo booth tucked in the back of a bar. Here are four of D.C.'s coolest photo booths:

1. Flash

Flash is a slightly off-the-radar music venue that focuses on electronic music ranging from EDM to experimental noise, but in order to access their upstairs venue you get your ID, checked, buy a ticket and enter through their photo booth, which opens on the other end to a stair case. It's like a speakeasy for techno.

2. Sign of the Whale

This DuPont hole-in-the wall feels familiar, even if you've never been there. Their photo booth is tucked into a nondescript corner and, although the software malfunctioned when I used it, it feels like blowing the dust off an antique. The black-and-white photos it offers have soft gray gradients and a little bit of grain to them so your photos will feel like relics of a bygone era.

3. Penn Social

There are a lot of ways to have fun at Penn Social, but their photo booth is the best way to document it. Although the camera can awkwardly cut off the top of your head if you opt for a fun border, their system allows you to post the photos directly to Facebook. Maybe it's best not to hit the photo booth after happy hour.

4. The Brixton

The Brixton's rooftop is often crowded, but if you make your way to the bar in the back there's a photo booth that looks like an english phone booth. The photos look like 1970s polaroids with their soft, muted tones, which is perfectly on trend.