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Dolci Gelati's green tea gelato is the ideal treat on a summer walk. (Image: Dolci Gelati)

10 hot spots to meet your matcha around D.C.

Move over, green juices -- there’s a new green in town and it’s called matcha! One of Japan’s oldest food traditions, matcha green tea is making a splash on menus all over town. You’ve probably had a matcha latte at some point, but now this green tea powder is finding its way into more than just tea. From cocktails to dessert, here are 10 places to find matcha in D.C., because we know you'll want that Instagram opp!

For an anytime matcha fix, get the matcha latte at Rosslyn’s Caffe Aficionado (plus, their latte art is on point!) or The Royal’s iced matcha latte. One of my favorites is the matcha latte at Souk in Capitol Hill, which if you are in luck, can be paired with a fresh matcha madeleine!

Grab a couple of your friends and try the “Unlikely Matcha” at Provision 14, which combines tequila, orgeat, singani (a trendy Bolivian spirit), matcha and lemon. This is one of their large format cocktails offerings (4-5 portions) which are all infused and served in a French Press.

Blue Duck Tavern’s bar program has a house-infused, all-natural matcha tonic with raw sugar, grapefruit zest, yuzu juice, chinchona bark and matcha. For an antioxidant-filled cocktail, try a gin and matcha tonic, with one of their house infused gins -- the slight sweetness from the strawberry-infused gin pairs well with the bitterness of the matcha.

If you are out in Virginia, Trummer’s on Main has a refreshing “Green Goddess” cocktail made with cucumber water, celery juice, lemon, matcha essence (matcha mixed with Green Hat Gin and water), Green Hat Gin, sake and club soda.

To get a dose of caffeine before a night out on U street, head to The Fainting Goat for the “We Don’t have Redbull," which contains Batavia-arrack, limoncello, riesling, matcha green tea and black tea.

There are a few ways to end your meal with green tea as well. The matcha cheese cake at Bantam King pairs well with the blueberry puree and is the perfect ending to a delicious meal (as an aside, the chicken ramen is fantastic!).

The fluffy, light and delicate cream puffs at Beard Papa’s alone are worth the trip to Georgetown, but the green tea versions are outstanding with a strong tea flavor balanced with a slight sweetness. Sometimes, they carry other green tea pastries as well -- I'm dying to try the eclairs!

Walking into Dolci Gelati always gets me excited like a little kid, and their green tea gelato is most definitely delicious -- it's the ideal pairing for a summer walk. Plus, any place that has dog gelato is a winner in my book!

Last but definitely not least, it should be stated that matcha is pretty high in caffeine, so make sure to ease into it so you can determine how much you are able to handle!