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Mirabelle Foie Gras Taco.jpg
Taco shells forged from dried bananas are filled with foie gras parfait, gooseberry preserves and pistachios to add another toothsome texture. (Image: Courtesy Mirabelle)

12 indulgent foie gras preparations to luxe up your life

When you want to treat yourself to the epitome of indulgence, order foie gras. Chefs are playfully putting stellar spins on the luxe liver to create decadent dishes that are truly foie-some.


A duo of tiny tacos feature sweet shells forged from dried bananas. They’re filled with foie gras parfait, gooseberry preserves and pistachios to add another toothsome texture. Definitely not your average Crunchy Taco Supreme.


The Presidential Burger has all of the things on it. There’s seared foie gras, short rib, bacon jam, melted white cheddar and smoked mustard seed aioli. As if that wasn’t enough, there are truffled fries on the side.

Le Diplomate

I have dreams about this foie gras parfait. Svelte and silky, it’s made with nearly equal parts butter and liver. Schmear it on a slice of homemade baguette, spoon on lavender-peach compote and add a smattering of crunchy hazelnut streusel.


These creative cake pops have sweet ‘n’ savory cores made from foie gras mousse, hazelnut cake and amaretto syrup. They’re glazed with gianduja chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. Served on a sculpture of a punk rocker’s head, the playful pops form the mohawk.


Chef Sebastien Giannini adds an autumn accent to this classic preparation. A rich wedge of foie gras terrine comes with a quenelle of apple chutney sweetened by maple syrup.

The Inn at Little Washington

Dishes like this one helped chef-proprietor Patrick O’Connell earn his third Michelin star this year. A lobe of seared foie gras luxuriously complements a grilled young pigeon breast. Sour cherries and caramelized endive add a sweet-tart-bitter counterpoint to all the richness.

Blue Duck Tavern

An s-shaped squiggle of foie gras mousse snakes its way along the center of this pretty presentation. It’s dressed up with benne seed praline and accompanied by brandied peaches. Cinnamon-vanilla Johnny cakes arrive on the side, so you can scoop all the components up in a single bite.


A slab of foie gras torchon stands tall like a slice of cake. Layers of coffee marbling stand in for the icing. Fresh blackberries and bouncy, buttery brioche complete the indulgent opening salvo at the Michelin one-star restaurant.

The Dabney

A dainty jar of foie gras parfait comes with another dainty jar filled with seasonal jam, such as white nectarine. Slather both on the grilled bread that arrives on the side.

Et Voila

Foie gras marinated in Laphroaig whiskey is the foundation of this decadently dense torchon. A round of it arrives with homemade Liège syrup and honey-sweetened, raisin-dotted brioche toasts.


The Black Pearl is over the top. Foie gras torchon gilded with edible gold and pressed into the shape of a tin hides a bellyful of Shassetra caviar. As well as the traditional accompaniments – finely diced hardboiled egg whites and yolks, red onion and chives – there is a trio of bouncy, biscuit-shaped blini: white chocolate, Yukon gold potato and buckwheat.


This may just be the most decadent dish on this list. Matt Baker tops a terrine of foie gras with tuna tartare and Ossetra caviar. It arrives with traditional accompaniments: chives, shallots, lemon crème frâiche, diced hardboiled egg whites and yolks, and Parker house rolls.