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O-Ku Non-Alcoholic Cocktails.jpg
The "Thai Iced Tea" (on left) at modern sushi restaurant O-Ku is truly a labor of love. It consists of Ceylon tea mixed with star anise, cardamom and ground tamarind, brewed with cinnamon, vanilla, and demerara sugar. For a rich touch, housemade hazel nut cream can be added for a luscious dairy-free taste. Available by request. (Image: Courtesy O-Ku)

15 of the best mocktails in D.C.

Dryuary has come and gone, but maybe you want to keep up the healthy habits you were practicing in January, or you're the designated driver for the evening, you're growing a human or you're just taking a break from imbibing. Whatever the reason you're skipping the booze, there are a number of creative mixologists in D.C. whipping up wonderful -- and Instagram worthy -- mocktails where you won’t even miss the booze.

Most bars are usually fairly accommodating with making a non-alcoholic drink even if they don't feature anything on the menu. I've had particularly good luck at Service Bar, Allegory, the bar at the new Moxy downtown and Off the Record. So even if your bar of choice is not on this list, any bartender should be able to put together something that's more than a club soda and lime.

For some of the best mocktails around town, scroll through our gallery and see how you can keep your health conscious resolutions, without skipping out on a creative, photo-ready and tasty beverage.