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You really can't go wrong with any of the champagne cocktails and holiday-themed scorpion bowls. (Image: Joy Asico)

7 great cold-weather bars and what to have in your cup

This summer, the city was awash in patios, rooftops, courtyards and the like for your outdoor drinking pleasure. Come winter, it’s less awash. But all is not lost. Plenty of watering holes steel themselves (or, at least, steel you) from the elements, while turning out all sorts of cold-weather tipples.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Farmers Fishers Bakers

Where you’re sitting: At the outdoor bar overlooking the Georgetown ice rink.
What you’re drinking: The Apple Toddy, with spiced apple–infused rye, tea, grapefruit, falernum and honey.
Will you be cold?: Not if you work up a sweat on the ice rink first.


Where you’re sitting: On their patio, one of the coolest in the city. But on Dec. 1, they’ll launch the winter version, which means a fire pit, and lazy susans in the center where you can skewer your own meat.
What you’re drinking: Hot buttered rum “tea service,” with rum, darjeeling and spiced butter, or hot cocoa with yellow chartreuse marshmallows.
Will you be cold?: Maybe. But you’ll be focused on grilling your next piece of duck sausage.


Where you’re sitting: A corner table on the rooftop, with a 270-degree view of Shaw.
What you’re drinking: High-alcohol winter beers, like stouts and imperial IPAs. Or opt for a Compass Coffee spiked with one of their 50-plus whiskies.
Will you be cold?: The balcony is al fresco, but the rest of the roof is covered and winterized in case you feel like doing the indoor-outdoor thing. They’ve got blankets at the ready, just in case.


Where you’re sitting: On the L.A.–style outdoor courtyard.
What you’re drinking: "I'm the King of Brooklyn ... For All She Knows," a new cocktail that combines Peligrosso Tequila, apples, escamillo pepper, lemon and clove-infused olive oil. Pair it up with one of their cigars if that’s your thing.
Will you be cold?: The walled-off courtyard blocks the wind, and the fire pits and heat lamps should generate enough warmth. But maybe throw on an extra layer just in case.

Dirty Habit

Where you’re sitting: In the Hotel Monaco’s courtyard, who’s upped their winter game with more seating and a dedicated outdoor bar.
What you’re drinking: The Dirty Decision, with chanterelle-infused sherry and black garlic tincture.
Will you be cold?: Not if you huddle up next to the gas fireplace or one of the fire pits.

Miracle on 7th Street

Where you’re sitting: Anywhere in Mockingbird Hill, Eat the Rich, or Southern Efficiency. Last year’s over-the-top Christmas pop-up was so successful, Derek Brown & Co. are doing it again at all of their 7th Street bars.
What you’re drinking: Champagne cocktails and holiday-themed scorpion bowls.
Will you be cold?: No. All the holiday cheer and glad tidings will surely warm you from the inside.

Ritz-Carlton Georgetown

Where you’re sitting: Next to the giant fireplace in the lobby, which in a former life served as Georgetown’s incinerator. (Grab your drink in the Degrees bar, then find a spot by the flames.)
What you’re drinking: A barrel-aged Boulavardier, with chamomile-infused rye, Campari and sweet vermouth. Or Dom Perignon by the glass, if you’re feeling extra festive.
Will you be cold?: Not even a little bit.