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Del Mar_seafood paella_091018.jpg
When Del Mar opened at The Wharf, the chatter quickly turned to how beautiful the space is—and how pricey the dishes are. The paella de pescado y marisco (aka the seafood paella) is no exception, coming in at $98 for two to four diners or $190 for four to six to share. Perfectly executed and loaded up with Maine lobster, wild calamari, PEI mussels and tiger prawns, it's a great special-occasion splurge. (Image: Courtesy Del Mar)

7 over-the-top dishes at D.C. restaurants

We know that springing for a bowl of ramen that doesn't come in an orange packet or a six-pack of imported beer can sometimes feel like a stretch to the old wallet. Want to see how the other half lives? Click through these photos, which include the city's most luxe burrito, most decadent seafood tower and the most daring way to dig on some pig—with price tags to match. Let's call it .... aspirational dining. At the very least, it's a feast for your eyes.