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Warm Up This Winter 3.jpg
Warm Up This Winter at Pennsylvania 6. (Image: Courtesy Pennsylvania 6)

8 decadent hot chocolates to keep you warm this winter

One of the best parts of winter is sipping on a hot chocolate, right? Whether you just want a cup of the plain chocolatey goodness or want to settle in for a mug with a boozy twist, here are some of the top spots in the area to find that elevated hot chocolate.

Belgian Hot Chocolate at Brasserie Beck

The Belgians make some of the best chocolate in the world, so you can rest assured that the Belgian Hot cocoa at Brasserie Beck is top notch. You can’t go wrong with the combination of dark chocolate, cocoa powder, vanilla and powdered milk (meaning more room for chocolate). It’s topped with fresh whipped cream and is served with the cookie of the day. Are you making your way over yet?

Baja Hot Chocolate at Bourbon Steak

Created by head bartender Torrence Swain, this Baja-inspired version combines house cocoa, chile, criollo chocolate, housemade dulce de leche cream and a shot of Patron. This delicious combination is best enjoyed outside around one of the fire pits in the swanky lounge.

“Chocolate, Coffee, Booze” at Service Bar

Nothing wrong with any of those things, right? Well, it’s even better when combined in their version with dark and white chocolate, coffee, vanilla, egg white foam with a slight kick from chiles and cinnamon and a shot of mezcal! Find it at their Ski Lodge Sunday brunch.

Spice Hot Chocolate at The Royal

Start your morning off with a kick from The Royal's new Spice Hot Chocolate, which gets a bit of heat from jalapeno, as well as other winter spices (clove, cardamom, cinnamon, anise, allspice) and is topped with perfectly torched bruléed marshmallows. If you want something stronger, spike it anytime (no one's judging!) with a shot of bourbon or mezcal.

Hickory Smoked Hot Chocolate at Woodward Table

Smoked tableside, this Valrhona chocolate boozy version combines mezcal, spiced rum and xocolatl mole bitter, and is garnished with hazelnut pearls and mint marshmallows for a sinfully good drink.

Hot chocolate at Fairmont

If the idea of sitting around one of the fire pits after a spin on the ice skating rink and sipping on a hot chocolate sounds like the ideal winter activity to you, head to the Fairmont. With decadent chocolate and a hint of sweetness from their rooftop-harvested honey, this is a sweet treat that’s perfect for the season.

The Hazelnut Hug at Pennsylvania 6

Warm up this winter in the comfortable parlor at Pennsylvania 6 with a sweet or spice hot cocoa. It’s just $1 and comes with complimentary cookies. My other favorite way to have it? The “Hazelnut Hug," spiked with crème de cocoa, Frangelico and topped with chocolate shavings.

“Santa’s Little Helper” at Fare Well

Are you a mint and chocolate lover? Fare Well’s spiked hot chocolate is made with soy or coconut milk, peppermint and spiked with housemade Kahlua. It’s topped with crushed candy canes and marshmallows and is deliciously satisfying.

Some other versions to try around town are at the Miracle on 7th popup, which is serving a tasty salted whiskey spiked hot chocolate; the ‘Chocolate Caliente’ at Oyamel, an Oaxacan hot chocolate with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla bean, cloves and steamed milk; or the 100% Guanja bitter chocolate and heavy cream version at Le Desales, which is being served as a complimentary welcome drink at dinner service. For an entire cocoa experience, head to The Ritz Carlton West End, which is offering a flight of three indulgent hot chocolates from around the world.