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Punjab Grill - credit Greg Powers.jpeg
Make sure your camera is ready before the bartender pours this show stopping rendition. (Image: Greg Powers)

10 baller gin and tonics to make sure you are chill AF this spring

The gin and tonic can be the simplest of propositions. All it takes is the two namesake ingredients and a lime wedge. But the refreshing spring sipper can be so much more than that. Here are 10 baller G&Ts that take the classic cocktail to the next level.

Punjab Grill

Make sure your camera is ready before the bartender pours this show stopping rendition. The gin is infused with an eye-catching mixture of mango, ginger, lemongrass, and cardamom. The Indian-inspired spirit is combined with house-made turmeric tonic and a few golden kumquat rounds, which pack sweet, citrusy punch.


Le Fée Vert translates to the Green Fairy, a nickname for absinthe, which wends its way through this delicate seafoam hued take on the warm weather favorite. It’s complemented by Sipsmith London dry gin, green chartreuse, lime, and tonic. Drink a few and you just may see mystical woodland creatures floating before your eyes.

Juniper Restaurant

Here’s a DIY G&T. Begin by choosing your gin, which you pair with your choice of five Fever Tree tonics. Then add freshly cut herbs from the hotel’s garden – rosemary, thyme, lavender, basil, and mint. Finish it off with a lemon or lime wheel.

McClellan’s Retreat

A Spanish Evening is a sophisticated sipper. It features saffron and grapefruit peel infused Fords gin and Q East India tonic. Grapefruit peel and lemon add an extra hit of tartness.

Dirty Habit

Bring a couple of friends along to tackle this over-sized seasonal G&T. The gin is infused with a mix of sweet strawberries, rosemary, and Meyer lemons. Since it arrives in a porron, you can drink it directly from the decanter, though that approach may end up costing you a trip to the drycleaner.

Del Mar

Shell yeah! The over-the-top Habla De Ti was built for the Gram. It features Gin Mare and tonic syrup, as well as cava, lime juice, and simple syrup. The garnish game is strong, including pomegranate seeds, edible flowers, lemon peel, and a fresh bay leaf.

The Alex Speakeasy at The Graham Georgetown

The team makes gin in house by infused neutral grain spirits with an ever-rotating mix of botanicals. Juniper takes a back seat for this season’s version, which is packed with citrus, pepper, and coriander. It’s served in a miniature bathtub that’s just begging to be photographed.

Bar Deco

Drink pink! The on-draft blushing bevvie is made with homespun tonic featuring a bouquet of botanicals – hibiscus, rose hips, raspberry leaf, grapefruit peel, and cinchona bark – and Glendalough Rose Gin.


This G&T is so fancy. Cucumber-infused gin is mixed with elderflower tonic and rose water, while edible flowers float on its surface. Bonus points if you drink it with your pinky up.

Poca Madre

Of course, there’s a Mexican mindset to this G&T. It’s made with Gracias a Dios mezcal gin, which is essentially mezcal distilled with a bounty of botanicals. Spiced hibiscus syrup and Fever Tree tonic fill out the pretty potable.