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If you are one of the many people wishing to eat healthier in 2019, meal prep will become your best friend. In an effort to make eating healthy as easy, and delicious, as possible, these five companies will do all the hard work for you. (Image: Julie Gallagher)

Make eating healthy in 2019 a breeze with these 5 meal-prep services

If you are one of the many people listing a healthier diet as your New Year’s resolution, you may be unsure of where to start. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, having your meals ready to go is your first line of defense before giving in to unhealthy fast food or whatever your office is ordering for lunch that day. That's why so many health gurus recommend planning your meals in advance, aka meal prep! In an effort to make eating healthy as easy, and delicious, as possible, these five meal prep companies will do all the hard work for you.


How it works: Territory offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options, all of which are made from local ingredients and prepared by local chefs. To order meals for the coming week, select your meals by Thursday night the week before. Then, choose from about 20 options from that week's menu. You are able to choose what size meals you want, depending on your caloric needs. What makes Territory great is that there are meals that fit a wide variety of diets, including Whole30, paleo, vegetarian and vegan. All meals are gluten and dairy free, too. Pick up your meals on Monday and Thursday at a designated location of your choice (usually a gym or fitness center nearby), or have your meals delivered.

Types of food: Some of the items on next week's menu include: Tuscan grilled chicken with arugula mashed potatoes and green beans; coconut pho with vegetables and eggs; beet medley risotto with broccoli rabe; tofu scramble with pineapple compote and roasted purple potatoes; and beef breakfast burritos.

Cost: A full week of meals costs about $65, but varies depending on the size of your meals. Standard costs $12.95/meal, boost (smaller) size costs $9.95/meal and XL size costs $15.95/meal. If you opt to have your meals delivered, it costs $7.95 per delivery. Pick up from your designated location is free.

Healthy Fresh Meals

How it works: This is a local meal delivery service, serving the DMV area only. You can choose from “clean” or “low carb” menus or a custom-tailored plan to fit your dietary needs. In addition to meals like eggs and pancakes, turkey chili or ginger grilled chicken, you can also add on desserts or nutrition bars. Deliveries are made on Sunday between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., and Healthy Fresh will send you an email with your delivery window. If you won’t be home, you can leave a cooler with ice for your meals or leave a garage or door code.

Types of food: Some of the menu items for next week include: jerk chicken, bison bolognese, egg whites and pancakes, blueberry protein pancakes, broccoli and cheddar frittata.

Cost: You pay per meal, anywhere from $10-14. Delivery costs $10.

Galley Foods

How it works: Galley specializes in making dinner the easiest meal of your day. Also a local company, Galley allows you to pick dinners for the exact days you want -- no subscription required, which is nice if you know you'll have a busy week and don't want to necessarily sign up for a recurring service. The best part? You can order dinners for same-day delivery, making this a great, healthy option in a pinch!

Types of food: Everything is made from scratch on the menu and is locally prepared by chefs. Some menu items include: green harissa filet mignon, panko-crusted salmon, chicken pot pie, pesto spaghetti squash. Galley offers sides and desserts that you can add on to your order, and even has a kids's menu.

Cost: Meals cost $12-$20. Same day delivery costs an additional $5/order. Next-day delivery is free if your order is $60 or more. If not, there is a $14.99 delivery fee.

Vegetable and Butcher

How it works: Vegetable and Butcher is another D.C.-based meal prep service. They offer two types of weekly meal prep programs: Vegetable's Basket, which is vegan-friendly and Butcher's Box,which is paleo-friendly. All meals are gluten, dairy and egg free. You have the option to choose if you'd like breakfast, lunch or dinner -- or all three. Then you can decide if you want two, four or six days' worth of meals. You must place your order by Friday the week before you would like your meals delivered. It is delivered to your house on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Types of food: Kale and roasted sweet potato hash, tofu scramble and a muesli bowl with spiced almond milk are all on the menu for next week for breakfast. For lunch, a roasted carrot and beat salad, Thai pumpkin curry and kale Caesar salad. For dinner, dine on coconut-curry dal, Mexican white bean chili and General Tso's cauliflower.

Cost: A weekly subscription costs between $11-$13.50/meal. Delivery is free.


How it works: This company is based in California, but they ship via FedEx, and your meals are sent in insulated, vacuum sealed containers. You can have your full day of meals delivered to you or select one meal, and you can select a meal plan, or pick out items a la carte. The meal plan options include: ION performance protein, ION performance paleo (low-carb),plant-based and low carb plant-based. Select your plan, then select the number and type of meals you want, and then finally choose your dishes for the next week. You can even add on extra snacks. Your total calories and macros are calculated for you right in your shopping cart, which makes it easy to meet your goals. Deliveries are made on Fridays, and you have to place your order online by that Monday before.

Types of food: Menu items include: lentil minestrone, sun dried tomato brown rice, vanilla raisin oatmeal and chocolate coconut muffins.

Cost: For three meals, five days a week, plans costs about $140-$150. Shipping is free.