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Blueberry and Rhubarb at Little Red Fox (Little Red Fox)

Life of pi(e): Stuff yourself with these 5 treats on Pi Day!

No matter which way you slice it, we love pie. We’re so enamored with the circular sweet treats, we can’t shut our pieholes about them. So in honor of International Pi Day (that’s 3.14 for all you non-math fans out there), here are five pies you need to try.

Blueberry and Rhubarb at Little Red Fox

Baker Kandis Smith didn’t have any experience when she began decorating pies a few years ago, but she has become a master of the art. She takes a fondant-free approach and doesn’t use any cookie cutters. Instead, she hand cuts dough into a variety of intricate shapes, such as the pi symbol and leaves which decorate her summertime-evoking blueberry-rhubarb pie.

Sweetie Pie Sara at CurvyMama Pies

Self-proclaimed chief pie officer Catherine Gewertz designed this pie for her daughter, Sara, who loves the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. The Reese’s-recalling dessert features a graham cracker crust lined with bittersweet chocolate ganache and a cream cheese boosted peanut butter filling. More bittersweet chocolate is drizzled on top for good measure.

Southern Shoo-fly at Red Truck Bakery

When baker-owner Brian Noyes first moved to D.C., he spent his weekends taking road trips into the countryside. During a sojourn in Pennsylvania, he fell hard for molasses-rich shoo-fly pie. To put a Southern spin on the Amish favorite, he substituted in sorghum and bourbon barrel-smoked sugar as the sweeteners. The finished product is a little lighter, less cloying and fresher tasting than its northern cousin.

Passion Fruit at Dog Tag Bakery

During the dog days of winter, head chef Vanessa Mallon is always looking for ways to perk up her pie offerings. So she conjured up this tropical tart in a pâte sucrée shell, which resembles a giant egg yolk. A red ring of dried raspberry powder along the outside edge adds a berry boasting touch of tartness.

Tarte Tatin at Patisserie Poupon

The French have a way of making simple pommes (apples) taste simply divine. This traditionally minded tart is packed with half moons of the fruit in a flaky crust. The caramelized apples are translucent; soft enough to be cut with a spoon and they practically melt like butter once they hit your tongue.