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Celebrate National Cappuccino Day with $1 cappuccinos. (Image: Courtesy Bump n Grind)

More than 30 coffee shops giving away $1 cappuccinos

This week was the first day I actually felt a little shiver run down my spine on my walk home from work, even with a jacket on, and I couldn't have been more excited about it! But if you need a little extra warmth today, Ritual, an order-ahead food app, is celebrating National Cappuccino Day with $1 cappuccinos!

More than 30 cafes in the DMV are participating. Login to the Ritual app and search "Cappuccino" to select a nearby restaurant. Once you select your restaurant, you should see a bar that says "Exclusive Perks" and under that it will list what the $1 cappuccino deal along with any other promos the restaurant has, and tell you how much you are saving. Add the item to your order, checkout and then the app will tell you when your item is ready for pickup. Walk to the location and get sipping, my friends!

Participating Restaurants:

  • Le Pain Quotidien (10th/F & 14th/K)
  • Red Apron Butcher (7th/D)
  • Java House (17th/Q)
  • Cosi (14th/H & 11th/G & Crystal City)
  • Ahra Cafe (21st/K)
  • Illy Coffee House (Wink Hotel)
  • Illy 1212 Cafe (13th/H)
  • La Tomate Cafe (Connecticut/R)
  • Point Chaud Cafe & Crepes (11th/New York & 14th/L & 22nd & H)
  • Ahra Cafe & Sandwich (Wilson/Lynn)
  • Bakers & Baristas (7th/E)
  • Esprinto
  • Bourbon Coffee (19th/Lynn & 21st/L)
  • BeanGood Coffee Pub (Wilson/Quinn)
  • Red Cross Greenberry's Coffee Co.
  • Greenberry's (18th/E)
  • Rosslyn Coffee & Deli (Wilson/Kent)
  • Devon & Blakely (18th/G & 18th/K)
  • Swing's Coffee (14th/G)
  • Cafe Manna (2345 Crystal Dr)
  • Crimson Diner (6th/H)
  • Franklin Court Cafe (14th/L)
  • Glen's Garden Market: Coffee Bar (20th/S)
  • The Velo Cafe (7th/Maine)
  • Pitango (7th/D)
  • Gregorys Coffee (19th/L & Vermont/K)
  • Dupont Coffee Shop (19th/N)
  • Centrolina (CityCenterDC)
  • Cafe Chocolat (15th/H)
  • The Stand (18th/Crystal)
  • Lil'B Coffee & Eatery (15th/Rhode Island)
  • Pleasant Pops (Florida/California)
  • Central Coffee Bar (Lynn/19th)
  • Arepa Zone (14th/L)
  • Metro Cafe (16th/P)
  • Upper West Side Cafe (23rd/M)
  • Blu Cafe (22nd/M)