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Cocktails inspired these Instagram-ready popsicles. (Image: Courtesy Brabo Tasting Room)

Poppin popsicles to keep you cool all summer long

When the mercury spikes up and you want to cool down, grab one of these chilly sticked sweets (bonus: some are booze boosted).

Et Voila

Move over Magnum, you just got one upped. Pastry chef Alex Malaise crafts luxury level ice cream bars embodying decadence and indulgence. One has a layer of hazelnut-studded milk chocolate hiding Nutella ice cream and a core of passion fruit caramel, while another features vanilla and raspberry ice cream enrobed in white chocolate speckled with crushed Sicilian pistachios and sparkling sugar.

Bourbon Steak

When you want to feel like a kid while day drinking, make sure to flag down the popsicle-filled cooler as it makes it way around the patio. The complimentary pops come in a variety of flavors, including a vodka boosted basil watermelon. Don’t worry, they snip the tips, so you don’t need to tear them off with your teeth like you used to do when you were little.

Top of the Gate at the Watergate Hotel

Popsicles + cocktails = poptails. There’s a trio to choose from: a minty mojito sporting a pomegranate popsicle, a mango enriched Moscow Mule paired with a mango popsicle, and a Lemon Sparkletini garnished with a pineapple popsicle. Guaranteed to make you smile.


This new concept lets you craft a bespoke gelato bar on a stick. It features your choice of gelato, coating, toppings, and drizzlings. Suddenly, you’ll realize how lame Cold Stone Creamery has always been.

China Chilcano

Say hola to the Marcianos. The dessert pops come in five flavors: mango-ají amarillo (a habanero derivative lacking the spicy elements), chicha morada (purple corn), raspberry-lychee, passion fruit, and horchata.

Trummer’s On Main

Pastry chef Meagan Tighe creates vibrant popsicles in rotating flavors, like raspberry rhubarb jasmine and passionfruit mango. We like to enjoy ours as a poptail. Adulting has rarely been so much fun.


This popsicle is so fancy, you might need to hold your pinky up while you eat it. Smooth strawberry semifreddo is coated with strawberry chocolate glaze dotted with fresh strawberries, almond streusel, and strawberry. And edible gold, because, like we said, it’s so fancy.

DNV Rooftop

They don’t mince words here. Say hello to Booze in a Stick. You have the option of a hibiscus tea infused Mai Tai or a piña colada. Or both. Because you deserve it.

The Rooftop Bar at Mason & Rook

Half lemonade, half iced tea, this Arnold Palmer popsicle is all good. Savor it solo or add vodka. There are no wrong choices.

Brabo Tasting Room

Cocktails inspired these Instagram-ready popsicles. Options change throughout the summer, but might include a French 75, kiwi mojito sour, or a Bloody Mary.

Pleasant Pops

Mexican paletas go gourmet. Flavors switch up depending on the season, but current options include strawberry ginger lemonade, blueberry pancake, pear cucumber, and smoked chipotle chocolate.

Frozen Stuff On A Stick

And the award for the most obvious business name goes toFrozen Stuff On A Stick! But their pops are legit good, so we’re overlooking their bluntness. Choose between icy options – like blackberry lemonade, pineapple jalapeño, and strawberry balsamic – and creamy choices – vanilla latte, chocolate peppermint, buttermilk, and more.

Maracas Ice Pops

There are few things more charming than Mexican paletas delivered by bicycle. Choices include traditional favorites, such as tamarind, hibiscus, and spicy pineapple.

The Orange Cow

The local ice cream truck offers a variety of frozen treats, including frozen bananas on sticks and lemonade ice pops.