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Either way, $1 of each product sold (cheesesteaks or oysters) would be donated to Chance for Life. (Image: Courtesy Taylor Gourmet)

Taylor Gourmet and The Salt Line engage in friendly Super Bowl wager

Ah the Super Bowl. For some, it's a celebration of athleticism at its finest that you wait all year for, while for others it's an opportunity to chow down on all the [insert your favorite sportsy snack food here] without feeling guilt, while occasionally muttering sportsy things from the corner. Then we have the "I'm just here for the commercials" camp, and of course the "Is it time for the halftime show yet?" crowd.

But for many, Super Bowl Sunday is a prime opportunity to make a wager or two and societally pressure your friends into doing embarrassing things they would otherwise not agree to. And that's exactly what local restaurateurs Jeremy Carman (co-owner of The Salt Line) and Casey Patten (co-owner of Taylor Gourmet) decided to do for Super Bowl LII, as their respective teams The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles competed for all the marbles in the bag.

If the Eagles won, New England native Jeremy would work the cheesesteak grill during a busy Taylor Gourmet lunch rush. And if the Patriots won, Philly native Casey would shuck oysters at The Salt Line on a Saturday night. Either way, $1 of each product sold (cheesesteaks or oysters) would be donated to Chance for Life.

“Jeremy and I are really good friends and die hard fans of our teams," said Casey. "We figured this would be hilarious, since I have no experience shucking oysters, and Jeremy is going to get crushed during a lunch rush on the cheesesteak station, all for a good cause."

You can watch Jeremy on the cheesesteak line at Taylor Gourmet's Dupont store (1200 19th St. NW) on Monday February 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"I’ll probably eat thee myself on Monday, just because," said Casey.

But even if you could care less that there was a game last night, all Taylor Gourmet app users have reason to celebrate today: Taylor Gourmet added $4.10 to every app users account today, in celebration of the Eagles' 41 points.