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Adjepong's meal (available through May) marks the first time Ghanaian cuisine is on Territory's menu. (Image: Mary Sarah Ivers)

You can now try Top Chef finalist Eric Adjepong's cooking at home

Chef Eric Adjepong quickly emerged as a fan favorite during season 16 of Top Chef, and his elimination during the season finale was met with absolute shock.

Luckily for Adjepong fans in the DMV, you can now enjoy a meal prepared by the chef in the convenience of your own home. Adjepong has partnered with meal prep service Territory Foods to create a Ghanaian-inspired dish of roasted chicken and jollof rice in a West African red sauce, with sauteed kale and pickled tomatoes. The meal packs some heat from the fresh habaneros, but as someone with a low spice tolerance, I thought it had just the right amount of kick -- I'd give it a 6/10 on a spicy scale.

While Territory Foods is known for offering a wide variety of international cuisines (Ethiopian, Mexican, Cuban, Brazilian, Moroccan, etc.), Adjepong's meal (available through May) marks the first time Ghanaian cuisine is on Territory's menu.

"If aliens came down to Earth and said take me to the number one dish from West Africa, 9 times out of 10 somebody’s going to make you jollof rice," said Adjepong in an interview with Territory. "It’s a really great intro into the flavor profiles of West African food and what it’s all about."

Adjepong, who is the co-founder of dinner party company Pinch & Plate along with his wife Janell, previously worked with Territory Foods, starting as their Quality Assurance Manager in D.C. and working his way up to executive sous chef.

Territory Foods is different from other meal delivery services in that it works with independent chefs, local to the cities where it delivers, and places a heavy emphasis on delivering nutritious meals, working with local nutrition advisers to create their rotating menus. D.C.'s nutrition consultant, for example, has a Master of public health and is a registered dietitian.

Territory Foods has also earned a REAL Certification for their sourcing and sustainability standards.

"To us 'real' means things like antibiotic and hormone-free meats from animals raised without cages and with room to roam; fresh, local and organic whenever possible," says their website. "We also never use ingredients containing gluten, dairy, or added nitrates."

A few of their sourcing partners in the DMV area include Logan’s Sausage Company in Alexandria, Coastal Sunbelt Produce in Maryland and Freebird Chicken from Fredericksburg PA/Mt. Aire, MD.

How to Order from Territory Foods

  1. Create an account.
  2. Click "Place a New Order."
  3. Select the DC-MD-VA option for your region (unless you are reading this elsewhere, and then select your closest region).
  4. Say whether you are ordering meals for yourself or someone else - if someone else, you'll be prompted to enter their name.
  5. Choose your meal size: Boost, Standard or XL.
  6. Select when you want deliveries (Mondays or Thursdays) and how many meals you want in an order (min of 2 meals, max of 9 meals per delivery).
  7. Choose whether you want meals for breakfast or lunch/dinner, select a dietary preference (paleo, keto, vegan, whole30 etc.) and tell them if you have any ingredients you don't eat (ex: no olives).
  8. Choose to have your meals delivered to your house ($7.95 fee) or if you will pick them up from a local business (enter your zip code to find nearest locations, often gyms).
  9. Read over your plan summary before you check out. NOTE: The system will automatically choose meals for you based on your preferences inputted, but you can edit the meals and choose any from the menu after you check out.
  10. After you order, you'll receive a confirmation email, and if you edit your meal selection you'll receive an updated confirmation email.
  11. The day before your meal delivery (Sunday night or Wednesday night) you'll receive another email from Territory giving you pickup details-- the meals stay fresh four days from delivery date so don't stress if you can't pick them up immediately on their delivery date, but it is suggested to get your meal back in the fridge (or consume it) within an hour of pickup.

Use code DCR25 for $25 off each of your first two Territory Foods orders.